‘The Curse Of Troy;Helen’s Story’ by Luciana Cavallaro – A Book Review


The Curse Of Troy;Helen’s Story  – book review

A Short Story by Perth author Luciana Cavallaro

See trailer below for  ‘Accursed Women’ anthology including this short story and 4 others by the same author…

I have always loved the story of Helen Of Troy. What free spirited woman wouldn’t?  But any story I have read about ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’ has been narrated by someone else; usually by a person who couldn’t possibly have known Helen.

Luciana Cavallaro has introduced a young and handsome historian to interview the Spartan beauty. Helen can finally speak for herself! She discusses her union with Menelaos and the reader can quickly ascertain that she was bored with her arranged marriage. Menelaos was a ‘good man’, but his interests were centred around war, decrees and intrigues within and outside the kingdom. These took up most of his conversation and energy.  Even though Helen was the rightful heir to the throne when her father died, her husband became king, and he refused to discuss the politics of the day with her. Helen was relegated to mere Queen in name only.

The Queen of Sparta had loathed Menelaos’ brother Agamemnon ever since she was a child. And now he always had the ear of Menelaos in secret talks she was excluded from. Her distrust of her brother-in-law would be vindicated in the future. Although the classic story of Helen of Troy is that the Trojan war was caused by Helen running off with Paris, Prince of Troy, or that she was abducted by him, Luciana Cavallaro allows Helen the scope to give her side of the story.   Needless to say, Agamemnon was heavily involved in the preparations for war with treasure rich Troy. As the reader will discover, the Battle of Troy had very little to do with Helen.

I have always had a passion for Greek Mythology and ancient history. Luciana Cavallaro’s books are easy to read and bring a new vitality to ancient Greek Classics.  So easy to download onto my tablet and to read on the train or when I want a change from the heavy reading & writing I am often engaged in. Available here in ebook format via Amazon

  • Anne Frandi-Coory 19 August 2013


Author Luciana Cavallaro has published

an anthology of 5 Greek classics including ‘The Curse Of Troy; Helen’s Story’

‘ACCURSED WOMEN’ book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTZVsoFkZPo&feature=youtu.be

  1. Love this story Anne. I think most people are fascinated by Helen of Troy
    What did you think of the film.


    • Anne said:

      I haven’t seen the movie, Rita, is it any good? I don’t really like American movies, they’re too ‘Hollywood’for me. Or is it a foreign movie?


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