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email received by Anne Frandi-Coory 8 June 2012:
Jason Frandi

Jason Frandi (alleged murderer of Czech tourist)

I know that Jason lived with Arthur [his father] in Waimate and attended his funeral along with his brother or half brother as ———– (my husband) went with them.  After he died Jason purchased his father’s Smith St home in 2005.

Police search Jason Frandi’s house in Waimate NZ

Jason worked in forestry first and set the standard, he was such a hard worker that no one could come close to what he could do in a day.  After that he drove the Waimate rubbish truck and like everything for him,  that was also a piece of cake and he put everything he had into it.  He also worked for Smiths in Timaru driving a digger which was his passion, he would be miles ahead of what anyone else would do and they had trouble keeping up with him.  After that he decided to work closer to home and went to Leethwick’s driving a digger. He was offered a brand new one but Jase being Jase said he didn’t want a new one, what he had was perfectly fine and he would stay on that.  ———- knows what he did between the rubbish truck and Smiths but  I’m not sure.
When we built our house Jason came up and cut down the retaining walls, then leveled the dirt for the lawn later.  If he didn’t get it finished that day he would say, ‘don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow’.  He would sit on the digger all day and refuse to stop and eat lunch or have a break and when it broke he would calmly sort out how to fix it and sort it out without a fuss.
He carried a photo of his son ——— in his wallet; when he was up this way he would stop in but after a while would say he had to get going because the wee fella would be awake soon and he wanted to go and visit him.  Jason was so proud but as time went on he saw less and less of his son with his ex partner making excuses. But he would always say calmly with never a bad word, ‘that’s how she wants it then I can’t do anything about it. No point causing trouble and she just makes it harder for me’.  His ex said she [was] allergic to Latex, while they were together she became very moody and difficult so Jase decided to end it later finding out that she was pregnant but I think they had burned their bridges by then and she had decided to make it very hard for Jase to be part of his son’s life.  Jason saw him when he could and was always talking about new things he was looking to buy for him for birthdays and at Christmas time.  It was very sad, he just wanted to be a good dad to his son and not miss out.
He was an incredible guy with the kindest heart, respect for everyone and was so much more talented than he would ever give himself credit for.  We’re so extremely gutted we know what we [would] do now and think there are so many things we could have said and done to at least try and help him through his dark patch. I’m sure just knowing there were people that really loved and cared about him, that he could rely on to talk to about absolutely anything without feeling ashamed or embarrassed, and to help, may have stopped him from ever getting to the point he did.  We both agreed today if he was still alive now after what happened we would both still be here for him because the real Jase was just lonely, very troubled and dying for someone to help him with the issues he carried around for so long.
He should have been given help when he was in prison in 2001, he admitted then he was crying out for someone to help him and it went completely ignored.  We never asked exactly what happened and I don’t know if anyone ever did; we thought we would be prying and it was just a minor offence until they plastered it all through the newspaper, internet and television recently last month.  It was a secret until it was too late.  I’m angry about the stupid way that makes no sense, it’s too late now so people don’t need to know things with some of it being fabricated anyway.  Your life’s only private until you’re dead and it’s too late.
Something that I’ve never forgotten is how every time he was here he would put his hand on the window to leave a hand print in the kitchen or dining room and jokingly say, ‘that’s in case I ever go missing, people will know I was here’. Was that his way of asking for help?
I just want to know that he has been put to rest with the respect he still deserved and if it is somewhere public [to enable us to go] and make peace, and to know he is somewhere safe.  It looks as though someone has started or may have finished clearing his house out but apart from that I have nothing.  If you do ever find or hear from anyone can you please let me know or pass on my details so they can contact me; I would be eternally grateful. I really can’t let this go until I know, he meant too much to me to just let it slide.
Thank you very much, I’m glad I found your blog and was able to talk to you. x
A friend of Jason’s


Updated 11 April 2016

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no summer will they see



Poem  No Summer Will They See – Not Daniel, Zahra or Caylee

© Copyright To Anne Frandi-Coory –  All Rights Reserved 15 January 2012 –


Read my Poem *No Summer Will They See – Not Daniel, Zahra or Caylee




Dedicated to lost children everywhere, and In memory of:

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See Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Australia >

-Anne Frandi-Coory

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff – Fighter for free speech


Updated 21 September 2014


Some Australian Muslims want Sariah Law to be introduced into Australia…for some, it’s already here!


Beware! “Islam is a political ideology disguised as a religion.”

The United West is an umbrella organisation for opponents of shariah law in America, Europe, and elsewhere. Its motto is: “Uniting Western Civilization Against Shariah Islam”    Elisabeth tells us “Violence is deeply embedded in Islamic theology, and especially in Islamic law, or shariah. Violence is endemic in Islam because its scriptures and law require Muslims to be violent in order to protect Islam and extend shariah throughout the world. Shariah has already come to my country (Vienna), and to most of the rest of Western Europe.”

“So now it seems we must all learn to shut up and keep our heads down while shariah descends on our countries.” As Geert Wilders said: ‘The lights are going out all over Europe.”  But it’s not just Europe. Shariah is coming to America, too.  “It begins with little things, like prayer rooms and footbaths and special prayer breaks for Muslim employees. Then comes ‘Shariah-compliant finance’, which sounds so innocuous.  Then come the restrictions on speech that offends Muslims.”

Such restrictions are already here in the United States. Yes, you have the First Amendment to protect your God-given right to free speech, but that has not been enough to prevent ordinary American citizens from being silenced.


In Vienna the free-speech activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was recently sentenced to paying a fine for insulting a religion by calling Muhammad a paedophile. However, that is the truth. Numerous hadiths contain testimonies by Muhammad’s favourite wife, the child bride Aisha. Aisha literally says: “The prophet married me when I was six years old, and had intercourse with me when I was nine.”


Source for the article below is Geert Wilders:

Ali Sina is an Iranian ex-Muslim who established the organisation for apostates of Islam Faith Freedom International. In his latest book he posits that Muhammad was a paedophile, as well as a narcissist, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter. Sina has offered 50,000 dollars for the one who can prove otherwise. Nobody has claimed the reward as yet. And no wonder, as the description is based on the Islamic texts themselves, such as the hadiths, the descriptions of Muhammad’s life from testimonies of contemporaries.

In his book ‘Psychology of Mohammed: Inside the Brain of a Prophet‘ Dr. Masud Ansari calls Muhammad “the perfect personification of a psychopath in power.”  Muhammad had an unhinged paranoid personality with an inferiority complex and megalomaniac tendencies. In his forties he starts having visions that lead him to believe he has a cosmic mission, and there is no stopping him.  (Sounds like certain other Arab leaders!)

The historical Muhammad was the savage leader of a gang of robbers from Medina  who looted, raped and murdered. The sources describe orgies of savagery where hundreds of people’s throats were cut, hands and feet chopped off, eyes cut out, entire tribes massacred. An example is the extinction of the Jewish Kurayza tribe in Medina in 627. One of those who chopped off their heads was Muhammad. The women and children were sold as slaves. Confronted with the lunacy of Islamic terrorists today, it is not hard to find out where the lunacy comes from.  According to the historian Theophanes (752-817) Muhammad was an epileptic. Epileptic crises are sometimes accompanied by hallucinations, perspiration from the forehead and foaming at the mouth, the very symptoms which Muhammad displayed during his visions.

A Dutch court ruled Wednesday that it will proceed with the trial of Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders on charges of inciting hate and discrimination against Muslims when he compared the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and called it a “fascist book.”  However, the prosecution has no intention of convicting him.   Public support for Mr Wilders  is huge.  The comparison of books is a good one.

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Yes, even Islamic countries engage in child sex, incest  and pornography:

Sex scandal rocks Iraqi’s Shi’ites

A top-level Shi’ite cleric has been defrocked over sexually explicit videos posted on the Internet that have outraged devout communities across Iraq and tarnished the image of the sect’s highest religious body.  [Go Internet!]

Munaf Hamdan Naji al-Mosawi, a close aide to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani for 11 years, has gone into hiding after intimate footage apparently recorded on his mobile phone ended up in the hands of neighbors, who marched to his home in Amara to demand the return of their religious donations, according to Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) sources – religious figures in Amara and Najaf, where Sistani’s office is based.

IWPR sources say the footage, which became public when Mosawi lost his phone’s memory card, allegedly shows the cleric naked and involved in sexual acts with his wife and, in a separate video, another woman with whom he had a muta’a, or temporary marriage. Locals who have seen the complete contents of the card claim there are images of as many as 18 other women.  (see my post: Pornography; A Major Commodity

It is the hypocrisy that infuriates me and makes me sick.  As with Catholic priests, these men have the  audacity  to lecture the populace on purity, honesty and integrity.  I was once told by an Iranian woman that there was no child sex or incest in her country, which I found difficult to believe at the time.  Then, later,  I read many personal accounts written by women living in Iran and other islamic states.   They were horrific tales, such as the multiple rape of young girls within their own countries, not to mention the disgusting behaviour of these men when they visit Western countries.  Their hypocrisy knows no bounds it seems. These same men allow the stoning of women and in cases where wives who are raped and sodomised by their husbands, complain, their children are taken from them and the women banished from their homes.  One such wife who was brutally sodomised (which is punishable by death in these countries!) had her bowel perforated, and after surgery to remove her bowel and a colostomy performed, she returned to the family home where her husband ranted at her “you stink, don’t come near me!”  She went back to the abuse, did not report it to the authorities, because she knew that under Islamic law, she would be the one to be punished, and if she wasn’t  killed, she would never be permitted to see her children again.

Priests are allowed to continue abusing children because their crimes are never reported to police; they are just shifted around from parish to parish, to carry on preaching purity to parishioners.  The Pope apologises and the paedophile  priests confess to another priest; a paltry penance is served (like saying three rosaries!) and all is forgiven; they can then begin abusing all over again, with a clean slate, knowing their all-powerful God will forgive them yet again; who cares about the  damage done to the children left by the wayside?  I believe that the depth of sexual abuse and pornography within these male powerhouses is far greater than anyone realises .  We have just seen the tip of the iceberg but women and children are at long last finding a voice with the help of technology, such as the internet. The Catholic Church is run by patriarchal men as are Islamic states; men have been protected  for centuries, for far too long.

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