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Excerpt from Sydney Morning Herald 1 March 2018:

‘Parents at a NSW public school say they have been left “horrified” after students were repeatedly placed in scripture classes against their parents’ wishes and told they needed to have an interview with a deputy principal before they could attend non-scripture classes.

The NSW Department of Education is making inquiries into a letter sent to parents by the principal of Maclean High School in northern NSW, which strongly advocates for scripture classes and appears to breach the department’s policy on religious education in several instances.

Parents also said students with written permission to attend non-scripture had been repeatedly put into scripture classes at the start of every year, parents were told to provide new notes, in breach of the department’s policy.’ –Pallavi Singhal

This is child abuse…why are children put through this trauma of notes and visits to school principal’s office solely to appease the Christian far right lobby in Australia? Scripture classes SHOULD NOT be held during school hours, but as extra curricular activities outside school hours.


The TAbbott govt gained power in the September 2013 election.

Since then Australia has been in the grip of the extreme right wing LNP party.

The Drum’s Dominic Knight wrote:

With compulsory ethics classes, some religious topics could still be covered in the classroom, and the learning process would benefit enormously from all the kids studying together. Those who believed could share their perspectives, which might inspire others to find out more about their religions. Wouldn’t that be a better preparation for living in a society where not everybody shares the same beliefs, and yet we have to work through complex moral issues together in order to co-exist harmoniously?




Then PM Tony Abbott who set up the ‘Chaplains in Schools’ programme


Fred Nile


In my experience of life with religious zealots, hypocrisy is a pit that they often fall into. It is very difficult to live life on earth as a saint, the Blessed Virgin or Christ himself did. These are role models very few of us mere mortals can emulate.  Yet Christian teachings urge us to do so.

I know as a small child, being told to love Jesus more than my father, really made me feel like a sinner, because try as I might, I just couldn’t do it. No matter which way you look at it, a pastor is a pastor.  He has been trained to preach and guide people in Godliness. That is his job!

That’s why I agree wholeheartedly with Dominic Knight’s statement above. If we wish to have a truly democratic, multicultural society, then we need to encompass and tolerate all religious beliefs. However, secular schools are not the place for religious instruction.  Christians and muslims can promote their particular beliefs in their respective churches and mosques. I don’t think religious specific schools are a good idea either, because those children who attend never have the chance to mix with other children; Muslim, Christian or atheist, and so form biased opinions of them. This only serves to perpetuate prejudice and stereotype.


The Duomo Florence


Koutoubiya mosque in Morocco


Elaborate and grandiose buildings were designed to display the wealth, power and domination of a particular religion. Religion is not just about faith and charity,  it’s also about politics and controlling the masses.  It is obvious that still today, there is competition between Christianity and Islam. Each see a threat to their numbers worldwide. Muslims especially are brutally opposed to their own congregations converting to other religions. Death is often the end result. That’s how serious it is. These days,  Christians do not suffer the same fate if they choose to become atheists or believe in another God. But history reveals that in the past the Holy Office of the Inquisition (now renamed Congregation Of The Doctrine Of Faith) could be just as brutal to those who strayed from “the only true faith”.

I hope that most NSW residents would agree that Reverend Fred Nile is not the best person to decide ‘objectively’ whether ethics or religion should be part of the state school curriculum. He claims that Jesus is “history’s greatest teacher of ethics”, but I dispute that. Jesus belonged to a break-away political, more liberal group, which disputed the religious teachings of strict Judaism at that time. In other words, he had another agenda behind his preaching and good works.  And anyway, Fred Nile is not a man with a track record of loving his neighbours if they happen to be gay or Muslim. He is narrow minded and has not progressed with the times.

Parents must, and should have, the right to decide whether  their children are taught religion in schools. Parents and their children have a wealth of information at their fingertips today and are generally very well informed. It is not as easy to force religious views onto them as it once was.  Most parents I know are happy to let their children make their own decisions about what or who they believe in. Especially now that there are many and varied faiths existing in Australia,  why should Christianity be singled out as the only religion to be taught in state schools.

Reverend Nile has  proposed an ethics repeal bill.. He’s arguing for the cancellation of Ethics classes in NSW schools by claiming that they have been shown to bring about Nazism and, simultaneously, communism. The alarming thing is he seems to have the approval of the Premier, Barry O’Farrell. It seems like the NSW government is going backwards in time. Even the Anglican Church admits that it has lost half of its religious instruction classes since Ethics became a subject of choice in schools.   Apart from anything else, Ethics is so much more interesting. You can talk about the great philosophers and sociologists who actually existed and left scripts that they wrote themselves, rather than someone else writing them hundreds of years later as in the case of Christianity’s Jesus.

Pastors and chaplains are not properly trained teachers, whereas Ethics teachers have to be.  Those children who currently do not want to attend religious instruction, (ridiculous interruptions in my sons’ school) have to sit idling in the corridor or school yard, unable to take in any other classes lest the religiously motivated are left behind. What a ludicrous situation in the 21st Century!  The government is paying millions to ministries to hold these classes while state school principals are having to hold fetes and ask for parental contributions towards all manner of things the government should be paying for.

The Australian constitution mandates separation of church and state, so why is the government hell-bent (excuse the pun) on employing groups like Access Ministries at great cost to instruct such small numbers of interested pupils. It doesn’t make any sense.  One has to wonder what power is exerting so much pressure on the government to act outside the mandate of the constitution. Is the Extreme Right so powerful in Australia?  The other worrying aspect is: What happens when taxpayers of other religious affiliations demand that their children be granted the same rights as Christian children in the classroom? If the government doesn’t comply could that be considered discrimination against other faiths?

People with no formal educational training have no place in our public schools.  They take up precious time in our classrooms indoctrinating children in religious dogma which is at best outdated and losing credibility amidst the general population. If parents want their children to receive instruction in their own faith and culture, then they can organise this in their homes or at their various places of worship. Dominic Knight talks sense, when he says that public schools are a good place for children to learn and mix with others of different faiths. At the very least it will promote tolerance and understanding of each others’ different cultures and beliefs. Children will learn that really, when all is said and done, most children have similar aspirations and needs.

Perhaps some of the myths, stereotypes and prejudices they have learned at home will be dispelled by the friendships they form at multicultural public schools undivided by religion.

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The cover of Panorama: “The Wild Nights Of Gay Priests”.

Is it any wonder that the Vatican, in light of its failure to immediately report sexual abuse by Catholic clergy to criminal investigators, is known as ‘The Gay Men’s Club’?
Apparently, Cardinal Sean O’Malley has a list of suspected paedophile priests in Boston which he refuses to release. The unreleased list, possibly 40 names of  offending priests, is included in a record of the minutes from a March 2010 meeting of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.How can the Vatican  therefore, allow these men to continue working around vulnerable children in  positions of trust?   It also means these men are not receiving help for their predilections.

Anne Barrett Doyle of called the number of undisclosed priests “staggering.” She accused O’Malley of purposely delaying to protect church officials responsible for monitoring the priests.  And also, if past actions by Bishops are anything to go by, so the accused can be sent on safely to another parish in Africa somewhere.  The church has said compiling the list is a complex task. It cited concerns about due process for accused priests.  What I would like to know is:  what about the children?

Many gay priests have been exposed by Panorama magazine frequenting gay clubs and actually having sex with gay partners.  Being gay is not the issue here.  It is the hypocrisy of supposed men of God, claiming they are celibate.  If there is so much opportunity around for gay sex, one has to wonder why these men have joined the priesthood.  It may be that the Catholic religion allows them to believe that if they are not having sex with women, then they are not having sex.  Perhaps it is as simple or as psychologically complex as that.

Panorama magazine is owned by Catholic Prime Minister and media baron, Silvio Berlusconi.  Its reporters have film of priests attending gay clubs and having gay sex.  One of the priests  is later filmed saying Mass!  – can be translated into English via Google


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One of the damned being dragged to the fires of hell by demons – Part of Last Judgment hanging in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican


><><  updated 17 July 2014  ><><

Pope Francis is now the Pope and leader of the Catholic Church. Still, nothing has changed!


World News: VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI baptized 21 newborns in an intimate ceremony in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday that marked the end of the Christmas season.

Standing under Michelangelo’s magnificent “Last Judgment” fresco, the pope poured water on the foreheads of 13 baby boys and eight baby girls. Some babies screamed, others squirmed, some slept through it. Benedict prayed for their “life and health so they can grow and mature in the faith.”

Or perhaps to be molested by paedophile priests.   Until the pope and the Vatican hierarchy make changes within Catholicism, nothing will change! Call me a cynic, but years of being brainwashed with stories of hell-fire and brimstone as a child, have made me so. The nightmares a large part of my childhood. (Whatever Happened To Ishtar?) The Last Judgment fresco is an amazing artistic achievement by Michelangelo, I have seen it for myself in person.  But the scene which covers most of a wall in the Sistine Chapel is horrifying, and is what is promised for our innocent children if we do not baptise them in the ‘Faith’. What he is really saying is: get them young, so they can grow up indoctrinated in the ‘Faith’ and the money will continue to roll in and continue to  enrich the Vatican.

‘The Pope was quoted as saying  that, in an ever-changing society without firm cultural references, it has become more difficult to educate children in the faith, and urged parishes and parents to cooperate. The babies — aged between four weeks and four months — are all children of Vatican employees.’

What a contrast in the two images, but an accurate portrayal. The fact is that not all in Catholicism is light & happiness, that is the problem.  There are too many dark, dark depths that have not been dealt with satisfactorily by the Pope and the Vatican power brokers, and until that is done, they should not be allowed near children.  Anyway, that’ s my opinion.

Updated 29 October 2018  

Two Princes: Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud…

by Greg Olear, who asks: How complicit is the U.S. government in the murder of a Saudi journalist?    Read more here: MEDIUM POLITICS



THE HOUSE OF SAUD is a brilliant, well researched, and valuable historical record about the founding of the Kingdom of Saud, [Saudi Arabia], with detailed accounts of its early dealings with the USA,  Britain, what now is Turkey, and other Arab nations, and how it grew from a small desert tribe, into a powerful and obscenely wealthy Islamic state.  The authors also give readers insight into the Shiite disturbances that began in the 1970s  culminating in the seizure of the Grand Mosque, and the bloodshed that followed. “The siege of the Grand Mosque raised more fundamental questions relating to the legitimacy and credibility of the dynasty”.

Published 1981.


house of saud


The authors tell us that Saudi Arabia, as we know it today,  was founded around 1902 by a young, blood thirsty, Emir Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Feisal al Saud, better known by his given name, Abdul Aziz, Servant of the Beloved. Beloved being only one of the ninety-nine synonyms for the sacred name of Allah. Originally born of isolated Bedouin tribes of the desert, the House of Saud attaches great importance to the purity of the bloodline. Marriages between first cousins, or equivalent relations, are preferred, or else carefully selected partners of equal status and purity  in another tribe…

“As Islam permits each man to keep four wives at any one time, and as divorce is made easy for males under Koranic law, so that the magic number of four can be multiplied many times over in one man’s life, this custom begot not only large numbers of children by a single father, but also an immense ramification of family and tribal inter-relationships through several generations.  Nephews married aunts, uncles were wedded to nieces and their children married each other to form a close knit and, to the outsider, impenetrable mesh.” At the time of writing, the authors estimate that with about 500 princes descending from Abdul Aziz, together with wives, daughters and collateral branches of the family, “the House of Saud cannot number less than 20,000 people.” The number of Abdul Aziz’ wives has never been officially computed but official records show that he fathered 45 sons from 22 different women. In addition there were at least as many daughters from an even wider range of women, including no doubt some unacknowledged mothers among the various concubines and slave girls, not to forget ‘wives of the night’ whom it was customary [and still is] for Arabian men to enjoy whenever the opportunity arose. All they had to do was to ‘marry’ the woman or girl for as many hours as they desired, then divorce her by saying ‘I divorce you’.  Today, many women and girls are kidnapped from Yemen, and other surrounding Arab nations, for the purposes of this euphemism for a ‘one night stand’. [On the other hand, they can fly to western countries and pay huge money for the same ‘privilege’.]

In Islamic countries, the Koran and its inherent sharia law, or path to follow, supplies a total and explicit moral code but in Saudi Arabia it is even more than that. It remains there, the only recognised and enforceable code of law, so that the country is held in a ‘1300-year-old corset of town and desert morality that is deemed to be universally and eternally applicable.’ This desert morality is upheld and brutally enforced by Wahhabism:

“In the middle of the eighteenth century, in what now must be regarded as the most fateful meeting of minds in Arabia since  the time of Muhammad, Sheikh Muhammad bin Saud, ruler of Diriya, and great, great grandson of Mani, the first identifiable Saudi ancestor, gave shelter to an itinerant preacher of Nejd, named Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab. The preacher was a Muslim ‘revivalist’ and the world of Islam by then was much in need of rejuvenation and reform…Abdul Wahhab was a true zealot, come to cleanse the ‘stinking stables of Arabia’ once more with the Word of God. But the Word of God proved insufficient for the task. Like the Prophet, Abdul Wahhab needed a sword as well – and to his eternal joy, he found one in Muhammad bin Saud and his family…Although Muhammad bin Saud was only one of the numerous quarrelling Nejdi sheikhs at the time, little more important than the rest, he evidently grasped that a man who had a message would give him an edge over all his rivals, enabling him to unite Bedouin and townsfolk in a new jihad to extend his personal dominion…

…Accordingly, in 1744 Muhammad bin Saud married off his son, Abdul Aziz, to a daughter of the preacher and thus sealed a compact between the two families that has been continued unbroken by their descendants ever since…Contemporary Saudi Arabia, for all its money and the new corruption and idolatry that wealth has encouraged, remains in theory and to a surprising extent in practice, a Wahhabist state, officially dedicated to the preservation of pure Islam as propounded by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab.”

“A penetrating analysis and major contribution the the literature of the subject” – The Sunday Times.

“An impressive work by two distinguished British journalists” – New Statesman.



“The House of Saud…wealth and power to make the world tremble”… Saudi Arabia is USA’s partner in the Middle East… 

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah died on 23 January 2015  and Western governments lowered their countries’ flag to half mast…WHY? For a King who allowed women to be whipped, stoned, beheaded, or imprisoned for years for such things as being raped, driving a car, or speaking out about the Saudi Arabia’s disgusting treatment of women?  

Oh that’s right, Western Governments loved this King for his wealth and his oil! Who cares how he treats women, even his own daughters and granddaughters, as long as the oil keeps flowing?  And are we really sure slavery has been abolished in Saudi Arabia?

And what of the Saudi’s treatment of gays?


When are Islamic countries going to face up to the fact that homosexuality exists in their countries  and that the majority of their people are just as human as most Westerners?  In my experience of life, religious righteousness and fervour only encourage hypocrisy.   Suppressing our true natures  and living a lie propped up by constant prayer and ritual can only cause grief and violence in the long run.  As I have stated previously on my blog,  many men from Islamic countries live a huge lie by following and enforcing Islamic laws and religious beliefs within their own countries, but once they step into  secular, liberated Western countries, they rape, or become the homosexuals they desire or pay for  glamorous prostitutes.  Some have mistresses and children in Western countries they would not like their Mullahs at home to find out about.

In their worlds  of make-believe, Islam and Catholicism are alike.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Nasser  Al Saud


News and prince’s photo from Express.Co.UK  and UK News:

The prince once beat his aide Mr Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz so hard his right ear swelled up to three times its normal size, and after one attack, he had to wear a hat and sunglasses while eating at a top restaurant to hide his injuries, the jury was told.

It is alleged that Al Saud was caught on CCTV subjecting his aide to savage and prolonged beatings in the lifts at the five-star Landmark hotel in Mayfair.  The court had heard that behind closed doors, the hotel staff thought the two men were “just like a couple” who spent their time in bars and nightclubs.

Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, 34, is on trial in London after 32-year-old Bandar died during a brutal attack with a “sexual element” on February 15.  Two male escorts are alleged to have performed sex acts on the prince at the hotel in central London where he and Bandar were staying.  The jury in the case was told gay relationships are illegal under Saudi Arabia’s sharia law code.

In the early hours of February 15, fellow guests heard thuds coming from their room and the body of the servant was later found on a blood-spattered bed. His head and face were badly bruised, his teeth broken and his left eye swollen and closed. Bones in his neck had been fractured as if he had been strangled and there was deep bruising to his back, fractured ribs and “trauma” to his abdomen caused by punches or kicks, the court heard.

He had also suffered brain damage and there were bite marks to his cheeks, left arm and possibly to his ears, the jury was told. It was said that Al Saud stood over the body “very upset and crying” as he spoke on the telephone saying: “I don’t believe it”.

The prince  at first claimed he was not involved in the killing. He told police Bandar had died from injuries suffered in a street robbery three weeks earlier.

But blood stains suggested a series of assaults before the killing, the jury was told. Detectives also seized CCTV film said to show the prince beating him. Al Saud tried to make out that he was not gay and had a girlfriend in Saudi Arabia, the jury heard. Jonathan Laidlaw, QC, prosecuting, said: “The bare fact of his sexuality would ordinarily be of no relevance in a criminal trial.

But it is clear that his abuse of Bandar was not confined simply to physical beatings.” He added: “Concealing the sexual aspect to his abuse of the victim was for all together more sinister reasons.” Al Saud denies murder and causing grievous bodily harm. Mr Laidlaw told the jury the Saudi royal admits being responsible for his manservant’s death.

Follow-up World News Item 21/10/2010:

Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Nasir al Saud, 34, was jailed for life by a British court on Wednesday for murdering his male servant in a brutal attack at a London hotel after a long campaign of sexual abuse.  He was ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years by a judge at London’s Old Bailey, also known as the Central Criminal Court.

The court convicted Saud of beating and strangling Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz to death on February 15 at the culmination of a lengthy period of sexual violence towards his employee. Saud – whose mother is a daughter of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah – had tried to claim diplomatic immunity when he was arrested following the discovery of his servant’s body in their shared suite at the luxury Landmark hotel.

The victim, also a Saudi, was left with severe injuries including bite marks on both cheeks which prosecutors said showed a clear “sexual element” to the killing. The prince’s lawyers argued that he could face the death penalty in Saudi Arabia over the revelations of homosexuality aired at the trial. (you mean the Saudi authorities aren’t too bothered about the brutal murder of another Saudi – it is homosexuality that is the major crime here!?) Witnesses had told the court that Bandar – an orphan who was adopted into the family of a low-ranking civil servant in Jeddah – was treated “like a slave”. A post-mortem found Bandar had suffered chipped teeth, heavy blows to the head, injuries to the brain and ears and severe neck injuries consistent with strangulation by hand, the trial heard.


The prince was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment when in 2010, he was found guilty at the Old Bailey of murdering his servant Bandar Abdulaziz. In March, 2013 he was allowed to return to Saudi Arabia to serve the remainder of his term in a Saudi prison. According to the agreement between the U.K. and Saudi Arabia, he must serve at least 20 years before he can be released. 


Abdul Aziz [Ibn Saud] with the eldest of his grandsons in 1935

Quote from the blurb of  ‘The House of Saud’:

At Riyadh, in 1902 the Desert Raider Ibn Saud [Abdul Aziz] tossed  the head of the town governor from a parapet down to his followers below…thus was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia founded. Two-thirds of the size of India, it holds a quarter of the world’s oil and has six times more overseas assets than the USA.   A land of desert unchanged for centuries, with wealth and power to make the world tremble…the domain of the House of Saud

-Anne Frandi-Coory – 25 January 2015


Pope Benedict meets the head of the bank

Associated Press Article below about one of the world’s most corrupt institutions:

ROME (AFP) – Pope Benedict XVI met Sunday with the head of the Vatican bank in a show of support for the banker despite Italian authorities investigating him as part of a money laundering probe, ANSA news agency reported.

The pope received bank president Ettore Gotti Tedeschi and his wife at his Castel Gandolfo residence outside Rome, the news agency said.

“It is an obvious sign of his respect and confidence. The meeting in front of numerous witnesses publicly demonstrated in a clear manner the pope’s closeness and support to the banker chosen to lead the IOR towards complete transparency,” ANSA quoted a Vatican source as saying.

The bank is officially known as Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR)  [Office for Religious Works] 

Gotti Tedeschi has been accused of violating laws put in place in 2007 that have tightened rules on disclosure of financial operations to the Italian central bank in a bid to stamp out money laundering.  (guess where the mafia banks?)

The investigation was launched after the financial intelligence office at the Bank of Italy noticed two IOR operations it deemed suspicious.

The first one was a transfer of 20 million euros to JP Morgan Frankfurt, while the other was a three-million-euro transfer to Italian bank, Banca del Fucino, Italian media reported.

Gotti Tedeschi, whose appointment in 2009 was greeted as a move towards greater transparency at the bank implicated in a major scandal in the 1980s, has said he was “profoundly humiliated and mortified” by the probe opened Tuesday.

The bank’s chief executive Paolo Cipriani is also under investigation.


More – The Corrupt Vatican…


More – JP Morgan & The Vatican = Transparency?

Vatican Library.  Do we need such opulence to preserve books? What a shame the Catholic Church burnt all those books on ‘THE LIST’

UPDATED 13 March 2013


In Doveton, Victoria, Casey Council has approved the building of a Catch the Fires Ministry Christian Church and an Omar Farooq Mosque alongside each other. A petition against the building of the mosque  beside the Church is doing the rounds.  MORE: The Age News

From TGO’s Blog:

Muslims need a place to pray???

I believe Muslims should be provided with a place to pray as soon as they provide Christians, Jews and other denominations with a place to pray in predominantly Muslim countries; how’s that for logic? By the way, one minor detail; this place to pray for non-Muslims cannot be subjected to suicide bombers. Sensible people do not want their lives ended prematurely.

Personally, I couldn’t care less for prayer, which is about as worthless as tits on a bull (for those of you out there who might be confused, bulls don’t have mammary glands, therefore their tits don’t produce milk and are therefore basically useless – just like prayer).

Anyway, why is it that we, the United States, need to cater to the whole world; a world that basically poo-poos on us (to be polite)? Since when have Muslims become such upstanding citizens that this country owes them a place to pray??? TGO

I agree with most of the above.  Anyway, why do the various religions need to build such palaces of grandeur to pray in?  Now, every time I visit  a Roman Catholic cathedral, full of stunning marble and fabulous artworks, I can appreciate the magnificence and beauty of the architecture and art, but at the same time, I can’t help thinking of the blood shed by millions over thousands of years, during the pillaging of the needed resources, not to mention the slave labour!   If I believed in prayer,  I would say a prayer for them.  Instead, I think of them and contemplate the brutality in the name of religion.  St Peter’s in The Vatican, for instance, should be an embarrassment to all Catholics the world over, for its opulent extravagance.  Let’s not just criticise the Muslims here, think of the Christian crusades as an example.   Raping and pillaging licensed by the Catholic Church,  and in ‘God’s Name’.  No better or no worse than the suicide bombing of millions of innocents in ‘Allah’s Name’.

One thing I will say about the Catholic Church, they believe that women and girls should have the same rights to a good education as boys.  I know I did.

See Burning Books…




Exposing the great fraud?


There is a new pope in the Vatican, Pope Francis, and thousands of cases of sexually abused children at the hands of thousands of paedophile priests, have come to light.  Has anything really changed in the Catholic Church?


“Out of all of the sects in the world, we notice an uncanny coincidence: the overwhelming majority just happen to choose the one that their parents belong to. Not the sect that has the best evidence in its favor, the best miracles, the best moral code, the best cathedral, the best stained glass, the best music: when it comes to choosing from the smorgasbord of available religions, their potential virtues seem to count for nothing, compared to the matter of heredity. This is an unmistakable fact; nobody could seriously deny it. Yet people with full knowledge of the arbitrary nature of this heredity, somehow manage to go on believing in their religion, often with such fanaticism that they are prepared to murder people who follow a different one.” – Richard Dawkins (Quote taken from TGO’s Blog)



Michael Baigent  discusses historical fact –  he is enlightening. I have read previous books about the Dead Sea Scrolls and  other books co-authored by Michael Baigent and this book is just as good.  There is much information about the beginnings of Catholicism which will interest many of my blog readers.  The back of the book lists three questions:

  • What if everything we have been told about the origins of Christianity is a lie?
  • What  if a small group had always known the truth and had kept it hidden…until now?
  • What if there is incontrovertible proof that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion?

I, and I am sure many other Catholics, are asking:

  • Did we suffer all that terrifying threat of hellfire and brimstone as children,  for the sake of a LIE’?
  • Are women being stoned to death for the sake of a LIE?
  • Is this the reason we have been labelled  ‘His flock of sheep’ and He ‘Our Shepherd’?
  • Are the reasons many thousands died during the Inquisition and the Crusades – all based on LIES?

The Inquisition was initiated by the cruel and fanatical Spanish monk, Dominic De Guzman  in the 13th Century and the Catholic Church named  Orders after him;   Dominican nuns and priests.  Guzman  was eventually canonised by the Vatican as a Saint, can you believe it?   As Michael Baigent says in his book, all roads might have led to Rome, but so did vast rivulets of blood!  Question marks still hang over the present German pope, Joseph Ratzinger, who as Cardinal Ratzinger, (from 1981 until 2005) headed the twice re-named Inquisition;   Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office in 1908 and during his reign as Cardinal in Charge (‘Grand Inquisitor’), Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1965.


-Anne Frandi-Coory 15 March 2015

Read more here:

Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses Into Sexual Abuse Of Children  2013 -2017


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