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Publisher’s Forward:  Anne Frandi-Coory’s poetry, short stories and paintings, embody the emotional pain of abandoned, abused children, along with the guilt and helplessness felt by mothers struggling within a hostile environment with little or no support. Her childhood years spent in Catholic institutions has allowed Anne a heartfelt and very personal insight into the harm the Catholic Church has inflicted, and can still inflict, on children without the protection of a loving family. This talented writer, artist also manages to capture the vibrancy of the Natural World, and the fantastical imagination of children and their world.


Hi Anne,
I received the books with much love and gratitude: Let me firstly say, congratulations to you and your wonderful works of art! You’re a very talented lady, artistic, intelligent and inspirational! To be honest l read the book within two days and I loved it, especially the poem ‘Photograph‘ and the short story of ‘Raffaela’s Last Dream‘.  My favourite art composition in the book is your painting next to ‘Sands of Fate‘, the eyes, (your eyes l’m sure), the colours, and the symbols in this work are magic. No detail is lost on me.
Oh and Just so you know l have studied the early Gnostic writings of the divine feminine and its subsequent obfuscations and covering up by the Catholic Church in the name of their men-centric control religion. (John Lash Lamb and his work of ‘Not in his Image‘). So I resonate with you in many many ways. So please allow me to thank you for the kind present to read your book and the wonderful genealogy work you’ve done to bring to life our family’s legacy. 
-Dean Marshel-Courté
Dean Marshel-Courte

Dean Marshel-Courté


True life and make-believe

I love this colourful little book Dragons, Deserts and Dreams  containing poems and short stories, written and illustrated by Anne Frandi-Coory.

She has cleverly woven her poems into evocative, self-contained vignettes and portraits; brief episodes that are obviously dear to her heart.  The short, true life stories, in beautiful prose, convey a passion and a vividness that make you feel as though you were right there when the events were actually happening. Readers will meet Ms Frandi-Coory’s paternal Lebanese grandparents  in the hills of Lebanon and later in the story, join them on their sea voyage to Melbourne then on to New Zealand in ‘Immigration And The Promise’. On the other hand, the life of Ms Frandi-Coory’s maternal Italian great grandmother is very different. ‘Raffaela’s Last Dream’ is more of a drawn out nightmare which begins in Rome when Raffaela is 13 years old.  In this short story, Raffaela is on her death bed surrounded by family, and as her long life flashes before her; readers  are there to accompany her every step of the way.

The author also enters into a world of make-believe, giving readers a glimpse of her affinity with children and animals in her poems about childish imagination, the antics of animals and the value of  Nature here on earth.

This is a book to treasure.

-Zita Barna …  GOODREADS, AMAZON  Book Reviews  2017


Unique, thought-provoking and heart-wrenching is how I describe Ms. Frandi-Coory’s latest book, Dragons, Deserts and Dreams. It is a collection of poems, short stories and endearing artwork. The author has compiled extraordinary creative prose and artwork that compliment and evoke an emotional response.

I am not a big poetry reader and have only recently begun to appreciate the nuances and beauty in poems, and after reading Ms. Frandi-Coory’s poems, I applaud her for the imagery that is evident in her works.

Some are tributes to those who were wronged or abused, other poems were reminiscences, and then there were the personal and painful expressions of a life experienced none too pleasantly by those who inflicted physical and psychological trauma.

The personal short stories, is how I perceive them, especially having read the author’s first book, Whatever happened to Ishtar? A passionate quest to find answers for generations of defeated mothers, a memoir come family history. The stories are windows into the back-story of her family’s plight, especially the women. It also gives insight into the person who wrote this book.

As for the artwork, they complement the poems and short stories, and demonstrate the remarkable creativity and gift of the creator of this book.

I did not know what to expect when I started reading this book, the mix of poetry, artwork and short stories is an unusual blend, however it works really well. This book will make you smile, angry, and saddened. This is an amazing endeavour undertaken by the author, and a fabulous book that I highly recommend to readers who appreciate and enjoy something a little different.

-GOODREADS, AMAZON book reviews…Luciana Cavallaro, Perth. 7 March 2017

serpent 3

Luciana Cavallaro, Perth


When I read Anne Frandi-Coory’s first book  Whatever Happened to Ishtar? I was so moved by her courage in divulging to the world, secrets of the traumatic life which she had so bravely struggled through since being abandoned by her mother, and institutionalized at such a young age at the Mercy Orphanage for the Poor at South Dunedin. Anne tells her story with such passion that you will want to read it again and again. But wait there is more.
Anne has now built a successful life in accomplishing all that she does, she is a Poet,Painter,Author, Book Reviewer and Genealogist and has recently published Dragons,Deserts, and Dreams. This book covers poems, short stories and Artworks and is so cleverly put together. Anne weaves her poems around her life and family,all beautifully written. I love them all but there are two of her poems I especially like:
No Summer Will They See- Not Daniel, Zahra or Caylee
and Ode to Cleopatra
– Rita Roberts, Crete. 21 February 2017
Rita Roberts 2

Rita Roberts, Crete


Wow! That ‘Raffaela’s Last Dream’ in Dragons, Deserts and Dreams,   is just so, so beautiful, and I love it. But then again I love everything you do, my darling Anne. You have put me by her bedside. You have me holding and squeezing her hand as I read and hear her, drifting through the pages of her life, with all the love and emotion of a woman who knows she will soon be flying through heaven, alongside the author of all things in the universe.
For beautiful Raffaela has already experienced hell on earth. And I, the reader was there when it was all happening, so cleverly condensed in, ‘the present tense’. You’re such a great writer Anne, you always have the ability to stir up my emotions.
After I finished reading, in the dark now, I closed my eyes and wept and sobbed out loud, as I often do, when I awake from such dreams. Dreams I have of my grandmother, the one person who never stopped loving me.
Dreams, nowadays in my secret place I call ‘La La land’. A place I find myself a lot lately as my body too, is almost worn out. A place where I’m not really asleep, but then again I’m not altogether awake. All I have to do is remain quiet, usually in the afternoon, close my eyes as I rest alone on my sofa, and I’m there, in my beautiful ‘La La Land’, where anything can happen.
Thank you so very much for introducing me to your wonderful, courageous and most lovely, ‘Raffaela’ Anne, I am so grateful to find her at last. She, like you will remain forever with me, as I know I will never forget you both.

-Arabella Marx, @thatmarxtart Australia 2017

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