Butler and the Nanny Series



Not far away, in a pretty town, ‘twas uncanny

Lived the Butler of some repute, and the Nanny

She who could cook up many a tasty feast

Her pastry, pies, and rice dishes not the least


The Butler, as always he answered a knock

In his best bow tie, his head he would cock

“Coffee, tea or milk” he’d ask those who came to visit

“Come, take a seat, here at table” he’d politely insist


Miss Amber and Master Jack often came by to play

Ready to paint or to sketch, they’d spend mostly a day

As well Master Jack liked to sing, drama was his want

While Miss Amber was a dancer, her love,  en pointe


Clever Little Miss and astute Little Master,

Always knew the Butler could avert disaster

And when his index finger was raised above

They both knew it was time to listen, and behave



The Butler and the Nanny loved birds in their garden

If Zak the cat stalked them, he’d not get a pardon


Birds large and small searching for grubs to eat

Zak was only allowed to watch from the window seat


That Little Miss she’d scold Zak if birds he chased

To kill such beautiful creatures would be such a waste


While Little Master instructs Zak “give mice a chance”

They’ll freeze or shiver when Zak takes a glance


Dressing up in costumes and acting out stories galore

Was drama Master Jack, Miss Amber, loved to explore


Of course, she always wanted to be a royal queen

He preferred to fight monsters in nearly every scene


Such a musical family, they love dancing and singing

With mummy on piano and daddy guitar-a-strumming


Master Jack dreams one day he’ll join the family band

But for now he and Miss Amber join in, hand in hand


At night when daddy, mummy finally arrive at the door

The Butler serves a snack, to their delight and more

So tired and weary after several hard-working weeks

Just to sit down, relax, and is all every grown up seeks


*Dedicated to my grandchildren, Amber and Jack, who inspire me to join them in the most fantastical dramas* 

Poetry and Artwork Copyright To Anne Frandi-Coory.

All Rights Reserved 9 May 2019






























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