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Whatever Happened To Ishtar? A Passionate Quest To Find Answers For Generations Of Defeated Mothers

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……..    Whatever Happened to Ishtar?  is made up of two books:

  • In Book I, Anne traces her father Joseph Coory’s Lebanese family history back through the mists of time to various places in the Middle East, including Iraq and Damascus, then to Bcharre, from  where her paternal grandparents Eva and Jacob Fahkrey (Coory) emigrate to Melbourne in 1897.  Kahlil Gibran, Lebanon’s most famous poet,  came from the same village as Jacob and was related to him through marriage. The couple eventually travel to Dunedin, New Zealand and have twelve children. Family members live on in the same house at 67 Carroll Street for a hundred years.  In many ways it becomes a house of horrors for Anne’s mother Doreen Frandi, and her children.
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  • Lebanese Family Tree here
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  • In Book II, Anne traces her mother Doreen Frandi’s Italian roots back decades to such places as southern Italy, Sicily, Pistoia, Lucca, Pisa, Florence,  and northern Italy’s border with Switzerland.   Her personal story begins when her mother, an Italian ex-nun, falls pregnant to a Lebanese soldier, Phillip Coory, at the close of WWll.  Phillip, already married with a small son, abandons Doreen, who then decides to follow him to Dunedin, New Zealand. Phillip’s older brother Joseph marries Doreen against the Coory family’s wishes, and Anne’s subsequent birth sets off a series of consequences still reverberating through generations. Anne also documents her mother’s tragic descent into  severe bipolar disorder when her marriage to Joseph disintegrates following Anne’s birth.
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  • Italian Family Tree here
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  • goddess-anne_0001

    Anne Frandi-Coory with her daughter…“My mother was a Catholic nun, but all I ever wanted to be when I left school, was a goddess surrounded by cherubs”…

…more than anything else, Roman Catholic dogma binds together the Lebanese and Italian branches of Anne’s family tree. However, she believes that their adherence to this system of beliefs is one of the  fundamental reasons as to why so many of the women became defeated mothers.  Catholic dogma of no contraception or abortion meant endless pregnancies and often played into the hands of brutal husbands.  While these women prayed incessantly to God and the Virgin Mary, seeking guidance from The Church and its priests, their depression, mental illness, and acceptance of their lot in life proved detrimental to all females and their descendants.


Most of all, this book proves two things: Our lives can be pre-ordained by the tragedies of our ancestors’ lives, and a child’s spirit can survive the cruelest of beginnings, to take on the world. ><><> ……………………………..

  • 21 Black and white photos in the book
  • Extensive Lebanese and Italian family trees
  • Some of Anne Frandi-Coory’s favourite poems are woven into chapters; each poem relevant and poignant



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*This story about an abandoned girl will lead you to stories about generations of defeated mothers….


Anne Frandi-Coory – 10 years old


Anne Frandi-Coory -2010


*****The 3rd edition of  Whatever Happened To Ishtar? A Passionate Quest To Find Answers For Generations Of Defeated Mothers   was published    

20 September 2014 by: CREATESPACE / ISHTAR ARTWORKS 

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Whatever Happened To Ishtar? by Anne Frandi-Coory  in libraries in such auspicious company

  1. Francesca Frandi said:

    Hi Anne. I would really love to buy your book, but I don’t have a credit card or a visa debit card(I just don’t like them). Is there any other way to send you the money for purchase, like bank account digits for instance?

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  2. Anne said:

    Hello Francesca, I have sent you a private email


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