Do Victorian Road Rules allow a 13 metre truck to park beside school crossing all day and night? NO!

Updated 12 April 2018

Thank you to those on FB and Twitter who forwarded my message about stopping this truck from parking, day and night, beside a school crossing in a quiet residential street. After making complaints and reporting registration numbers (the truck’s, and the car’s, that dropped off and picked up the truck driver) to the local council, traffic police, and Victoria premier’s office,  the front page pictured below, appeared in the local community newspaper..  We then put a copy of my blog post and the newspaper article under the truck’s windscreen wipers. The truck has not returned!


Truck story


On behalf of friends who live in the street in Victoria, where this truck parks illegally every day…I have reported this illegally parked truck to the local council, traffic police and the premier’s office. There is currently a blitz on trucks using residential streets to avoid road tolls and parking fees!

Blue Truck lge

This 13 metre Isuzu curtainsider truck has been parking on a residential street, beside a school crossing outside a primary school, in a Wyndham suburb every night (with no parking lights) and day since June 2017. The street has a sports oval and three schools so children are crossing this school crossing constantly on school days, public holidays and weekends. When the truck is parked beside the school crossing on school days, the lollipop pedestrian controller has to walk out into the middle of the road to see if traffic is coming, as does anyone using this crossing when the truck is parked there!

Eg. On one particular week:..

On Friday , A blue Isuzu Curtainsider truck reg:  ——-, leaves the park beside the school crossing outside the school at 8am after another vehicle (reg. ——-) has dropped the driver off at the Isuzu. The Isuzu is re-parked again at 5pm that same day in the same park when the other vehicle returns to pick up the Isuzu driver. The Isuzu remains parked there all weekend until 8am Monday, when once again the Isuzu driver is dropped off by the other vehicle. The Isuzu is then driven away and returns that same day at 5pm to re-park. Once again  the other vehicle picks up the Isuzu driver and they drive away. The Isuzu remains parked in the same spot all night and all the next school day  until Wednesday; the Isuzu is driven away around 8am and is re-parked at 5pm …this pattern continues until the following Friday when the Isuzu is re-parked that day at 5 pm and remains in the same spot all weekend until 8am on the following Monday morning.



 This particular street is a  two-way road in a designated ‘children’s school crossing zone’ with three schools and a sports oval in the street, so there is heavy traffic congestion on weekdays and weekends. This is an accident waiting to happen!

– Anne Frandi-Coory



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