The Labyrinthine Journey by Luciana Cavallaro


Will our heroes find the object they need to find in order to complete the next step in their quest?


One relic found and another to locate, or so that’s what Evan thought, it’s what his “father” Zeus told him when he dumped him in world and time so far removed from the twenty-first century. What if he doesn’t find the sacred objects? Will he be trapped forever in this forsaken age? Join Evan and his companions as they continue their epic odyssey, traversing the ancient world in search of powerful icons that even the gods are frightened of.



The Labyrinthine Journey

 will reluctant modern day hero, Evan and his friends succeed in finding the relics to stop the advent of Christianity?

The odyssey continues. Will Evan succeed in his quest to find the relics and go home?

The quest to locate the sacred object adds pressure to the uneasy alliance between Evan and the Atlanteans. His inability to accept the world he’s in, and his constant battle with Zeus, both threaten to derail the expedition and his life.

Traversing the mountainous terrain of the Peloponnese and Corinthian Gulf to the centre of the spiritual world, Evan meets with Pythia, Oracle of Delphi. Her cryptic prophecy reveals much more than he expected; something that changes his concept of the ancient world and his former way of life.

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Read more here about Book l of The Odyssey:

‘The Search For The Golden Serpent’



Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro,

likes to meander between contemporary life to the realms of mythology and history.

Luciana has always been interested in Mythology and Ancient History but her passion wasn’t realised until seeing the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

From then on, she was inspired to write Historical Fantasy.

She has spent many lessons promoting literature and the merits of ancient history. Today, you will still find Luciana in the classroom, teaching and promoting literature. To keep up-to-date with her ramblings, ahem, that is meanderings, subscribe to her mailing list at


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  1. Julie Mauldon said:

    I’m still on Ishtar but I’d love to read this also you’re amazing xxxxxx

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  2. Anne said:

    A pleasure Luciana…I have also posted it on my Facebook home library page.


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