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truth in the lie

I enjoyed every minute reading THE TRUTH IN THE LIE  15 captivating short stories by modern day nomad Mark Swain.

Mark is a world traveller of great repute and he weaves his incredible journeys into tales involving characters who are mostly larger than life. Most of all I love that he doesn’t confine his exploration of countries to tourist haunts. I would loved to have accompanied Mark on his quests to visit every corner of the globe!

  • Anne Frandi-Coory  21 August 2015

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Long Road Hard Lessons

One day Mark Swain left his slippers by the fire and set off with his 18yr old son on a cycle expedition from Ireland to Japan. We will train on the way, he said. Physical challenges, border bureaucracy, health scares and traffic hazards were all anticipated. What they underestimated was the conflict they faced, spending 24hrs a day together under such arduous conditions. On one level, a life-changing travel adventure, this book also takes time to look at the psychological journey made by parents and children. The accounts of the son’s attempts to break away from his father, to find his own individual place in the world are moving and insightful. Yet at every turn, these thoughts are lightened by humour and juxtaposed with vivid descriptions of the countries and people they encounter along their way. We witness how conflict teaches us things that we did not expect to learn, and how much the parent can learn from the child. The book includes 25 glossy colour prints and 7 maps. –  more here on AMAZON


Mark Swain

Read more here about Mark Swain’s travels and follow his fascinating blog:



Also here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myhomelibrary/

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