AFCoory – Artwiculate Twittering [Series 2]



Oh Zak my vespertine boy

you are to me a feline joy

in my house you do


but as I chase sleep

you want to play and



rupert murdoch

I found my Utopia in Twitter,

where so much makes me titter

all good stuff can be


and we’ll make sure

that Murdochracy is




Sirens’ song is to amuse men

But beware tragedy’s caress

Behind the mask is a Melpomene

A daughter of Zeus no less


nunnery  Said Sister  Mary Gertrude:

‘Not enough

far too much

wont do in a


I said ‘I’d prefer to have



kahlil gibran 2

If all global leaders were poets

Every one pithy, witty and wise

There’d be no need for war

Each life’s precious, they’d realise


Britain Pope

Vatican likes to generate

saintly people to venerate.

But alas, it’s Holy Watergate

For harboured priests degenerate


… Hate is such an adaptable word It clings to any person, object or thing Free to roost anywhere like a bird Attaching itself to a whim or a prayer … No matter what race, gender, creed No matter that we all began in one place The slightest taunt can plant a seed To kill, maim, torture or subjugate … Wish that we were all colour-blind And a boy or a girl, who should care? Gods come from a collective mind Let us all save hate for hatred itself … Hatred almost a ploy for survival In those dark days of a primitive life Now surely it’s time for a revival Of tolerance, freedom here on Earth … The worst outcome you may contemplate All humanity going up in flames Who would request such an awful fate For future generations, a hopeless waste? … Myriad men, women, children, I declare Have already perished by barbarous deeds Time to take stock. Listen! Beware! War and suffering will spread unabated … All parents, teachers, leaders, please meditate Impressionable minds absorb like a sponge Anything you teach, preach  or legislate Don’t hesitate, it’s all in your hands! … ‘Save Hate For Hatred Itself’  © To Anne Frandi-Coory 10 October 2012 – All Rights Reserved ><

 Oh, if only it could be done

as gently as the sea no less.

Let’s pulverize rocks of hate

into sands of nothingness



Priest preached upon the rostrum

that prayer was effective nostrum.

But then I found in his remedy

Nothing but divine comedy


charles dickens

Alas did banal Pip discover

that to forge a life uncommon


 to have Great Expectations,

is the dickens hard to achieve!




Abbott of Oz Land.

Wont pay

to count

on Devil’s


after selling

him your soul!


  1. WOW ! Anne what a way you have with words. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Anne said:

    Hahaha thanks Rita. Just thought I’d save some of my best Artwiculate poetry puns. 😘


  3. Anne said:

    Yes I am, Rita. I have just finished another painting and about to put finishing touches to the poem to go with it


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