AFCoory – Artwiculate Twittering



Oh Sophia!

A Napoli Star

you live & love

with great éclat

Heavens above

A goddess!


TAbbott suppository



almost every one

surely iscariotic!


their daily grind,

democracy has gone;

truly despotic!


In the world

of Mondegreen

lives an Abbott 

full of gaffs

but he has a

suppository of wisdom

and cannot  #artwiculate !



Being a goddess

I don’t expect gods

to atone for my sins

by vicarious substitution

Imagine that, eh Zeus!!?



Goodbye to the past!

I’m about to recline

on a yacht in Capri

(no time to repine)

in the Tyrrhenian Sea


battle of the gods


war gods

have athanasy

so let us be!

Go fight it out

Zeus,Allah & Yahweh

what a stoush

that’d be!



Helen Of Troy

A horse


taunted Odysseus’ men

some say

the Spartan Queen;

but Athene stole

Helen’s eidolon



Of Sir Lancelot

mirror’d image

all she had.

Cursed she

by Limerence

she floated by

to Camelot

She turn’d to tower’d Camelot

Cried Lady of Shalott: ‘he loves me not’

Sir Lancelot to his citadel did ride

While singing in her boat she died



Oft I see

myriad ships


o’er the


Odysseus’ wine dark


the gods’

deep cerulean


la dolce vita

My lover’s dulciloquy
as we dance
cheek to cheek
Sweet nothings
’tis all
but that’s
la dolce vita


Queen Hera

I may not be quite the chatelaine

but I am the goddess

of the two most important

rooms in the house!

The kitchen and the bedroom


  1. John Shears said:

    Anne, What Frandily Fabilus Fun. Love the Abbot warning. John

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anne said:

    Hello Rita, glad you enjoyed the poems. That’s why I enjoy Artwiculate on Twitter; keeps my poetic bent well oiled xx


  3. Well, keep up your good work Anne and many thanks for your support on my blog, twitter and LinkedIn much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anne said:

    Your blog posts are always interesting, Rita xx


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