In Tuscany With Frances Mayes (I wish!) – A Book Review

Updated 7 Novemeber 2017


Tuscan Dreams

One of my favourite books on Tuscany


My idea of heaven on earth is having the house to myself to write, paint, look up Italian recipes and dream of returning to Italy.

Today is such a day. The doors are locked, the phones off and all the windows are open wide. As I look up from my computer out at the grapevine, olive trees and pommegranate blossoms  in my garden, I am in Tuscany in spirit and mood.

In between touching up my latest painting (scenes of Tuscany, what else?) I am re-reading Frances Mayes’ book In Tuscany because her books transport me there. Recipes, pictures of her beloved Bramasole, the endless little specialist shops, the long tables of food, warm, talkative Italians…I could go on, but I think you get the picture.



Photo of Bramasole, from ‘In Tuscany’ by Frances Mayes


 If you want to transport yourself to Tuscany, then please buy this book. Frances Mayes writes with all the genuine love and affection she has for this beautiful province.

And if you would like to know more about how she came to buy Bramasole and the dramas of renovating this gorgeous villa, along with rejuvenating the gardens, then please read Under The Tuscan Sun. The author’s hilarious encounters with Italian and Polish artisans who worked on the villa, could fill another book! So much more to the book than the movie could ever impart.

Baci, baci, baci Frances Mayes, autore e Professore.


Under the Tuscan sun*****

-Anne Frandi-Coory 12 February 2014


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