‘Trouble At Toff Towers’ by Anne Ullah – A Book Review


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Trouble At Toff Towers books i & ii

I giggled my way through both of these books. As you read on you will understand why I am hanging out to read book iii in the trilogy.


Being married only once in my life, (that was enough for me) I found it hilariously funny reading about Louisa Toff’s two ex husbands and her soon to be third! I know it isn’t a good look to laugh at another woman’s disasters, but really, the men she chose to marry!

In book i Louisa is reasonably happily married to third husband Jack Toff ( yes,I knoooow) and the gods only knew about the goings on up at Toff Towers. What with the maid, Edna Bucket’s suspicious mind, not to mention the mysterious ‘undercrackers’ or the knitted peephole leggings, and other blunders galore. Don’t get me wrong, Louisa’s a honey, if not slightly giddy. I will say this though, being an ex-model from the Bone Idol Agency, Louisa knows how to ‘dress to kill’! Although unfairly called ‘Ell – The Glowering Inferno’ by the tabloids and magazines in the past, Louisa loves the limelight; her whole world revolves around her make up, her wardrobe and of course, her men.

I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when reading Louisa’s diary notes about her three old school friends from St Thinnians. It’s not just their antics, but their names! I tell you, not one of them is scandal-free! Audra Street-Walker runs a private ‘Chamber of Commerce’; can you guess what her occupation is?  Then there’s Bette Noir, and of course Irene Prawn-Slaughter, heiress to the food dynasty. If you thought Medousa had ‘the glare’ wait until you read about the ‘Irene Effect’. It’s no wonder Louisa needs a shrink to help her get through every day. But I have my doubts about that shrink. I ask you, Di Laffin? Is that someone you could go to at a time of crisis in your life and tell her all your innermost secrets?  Poor Louisa, crisis should have been her middle name.

One thing I must stress here. Louisa Toff is all glamour, class and style. I can understand why men adore her. It’s just that she is an incurable romantic and believes everything they tell her.  The books are really Louisa’s published diaries, in which she bares her tormented soul. I am sure writing things down does help her state of mind, but that Bloody Mary …I’m sure is more of a hindrance than a help.  And just don’t get me started on Madame Cara Vin’s ‘predictions’ for Louisa. OMG! Or should one say MSG!?

I have to say, Louisa Toff has a heart of gold. Perhaps therein lies her biggest problem in life. Even though Edna is the general dog’s body about the Towers, Louisa often takes her out on social occasions for moral support. Could you ever imagine Elle Macpherson doing that!? It’s no wonder Edna and Louisa often get the wrong end of the stick, so to speak. The double entendres fly thick and fast throughout dialogues.

Oh, did I tell you about Sardino Codleone? Perhaps I shouldn’t….needless to say dead horses and white suits feature larger than life. But I will warn you here that there are more than clothes lurking in secret closets. And if only Louisa was a little more fussy about some of the venues she frequents. I mean, the Pizzeria Donatellanobodi?  I shall say no more.

If you love a good comedy with mature chick-lit overtones, you will love Toff Towers. Scandal and gossip fill the pages. The characters throughout the book are ‘absolutely fabulous’ while the frenetic pace is always set by Louisa herself. As I have said before, sometimes I have to lie down in a darkened room after reading certain sections of Toff Towers where the pace of writing is nothing less than feverish!

Is that the time? I am sorry I have to go. I’m meeting Louisa Toff at that swanky French restaurant, Fork Oeuf, to discuss the latest beau in her life (as if she needs another one).

-Anne Frandi-Coory 22 December 2013


Image of Anne Ullah

Anne Ullah


My personal message to Anne Ullah, the author of Trouble At  Toff Towers books i & ii:

Please Anne, don’t make readers wait too long for book iii in the trilogy.


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