‘Aphrodite’s Curse’ by Luciana Cavallaro – A Book Review

Aphrodites curse

APHRODITE’S CURSE  by Luciana Cavallaro – book review

See trailer below for  ‘Accursed Women’ anthology including this short story and 4 others by the same author…

My personal message to Phaedra:

Many of us mere mortals know that ‘unrequited love is a harsh companion’ but still…you made a promise to build a magnificent temple to Aphrodite beside the Akropolis in return for what?  To inflame your ‘bronze athletic’ step-son Hyppolytos with the same passionate lust you felt for him?  Oh, Phaedra, with your family history you should have known better. 

The author, Luciana Cavallaro allows the Princess Phaedra, daughter of King Minos, to tell her fateful life story in her own words.  She begins by taking the reader on a tour of the king’s ancestral palace, Knossos. Her vivid descriptions of the intensity of the colours and scenes gracing the walls must have dazzled and enthralled all visitors. Reading her words, as she walks us through porticos, endless corridors and the vast central court make me yearn to be there amidst the music, games, dancing and theatrics. Like her privileged mother and sisters, the princess enjoyed luxuries such as exquisite gowns, finest jewellery, and the most precious pottery.  These Kretan royals knew how to live!

Phaedra tells us proudly that the Kretans revered Nature and were conservationists. There are many contradictions in her accounts though; human and animal sacrifices were common.  The lives of superstitious ancient Greeks were just as fraught with all manner of subterfuges, intrigues, curses and violent jealousies as were their gods. The indefatigable thirst for vengeance, battles and assassinations taking place in this story make the strife in our modern world seem mere trifles by comparison.

The author weaves together many ancient Greek myths skilfully as the basis for Phaedra’s testimony about the lives and loves of members of her own family as well as others who play vital roles in her life story. This is a powerful autobiography in every sense of the word and makes for a very enjoyable read! The reader will recognise many names: Pallas, Ikaros, Ariadne, Theseus, Dionysos to name but a few. For a beautiful woman who had the world at her feet; fine husband, wealth, two dutiful sons, Phaedra risked it all only to be spurned. Her end was not a happy one.

One cannot even trust the Goddess of Love to get it right;  Aphrodite wasn’t above revenge!

Available here in e book format via AMAZON

  • Anne Frandi-Coory  23 September 2013


Luciana Cavallaro has published an anthology of five Greek classics including ‘Aphrodite’s Curse’

‘ACCURSED WOMEN’ book trailer:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTZVsoFkZPo&feature=youtu.be


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