CLOSING TIME (With Brassai)



It started over a simple cup of coffee.
Three creams and extra sugar to cover the harsh taste.
As we sat silently and waited for the bill to come.
I wondered if he could hear my heart pounding
But to speak would alert him to my inner turmoil.
A choice between life and death, or merely happiness and pain?
I tried imagining what the last ten years would be like
Without all the assurances that everything would be fine.
And that the future was looking brighter than ever.
The deception has always been so easy,
the intoxication of secret independence and power.
This day of reckoning – it always had to come.
The sound of my spoon against porcelain
communicated clearly my desperation for conclusion
And as I ceased to stir, the silence was ready to explode
Into what could I release the silence to, I wondered
Sadly, oddly amused on this Valentine’s, of all days.
An alliteration of allusions? A complaisant coup de grace
The honesty lost, the one selfless gift lies lifeless,
Both enshrouded in guilt and hidden in fraud for
what was once two hearts is now just too much.
Forever gone, forsaken, split; the result of two souls now adrift.

Closing Time – A Twitter Collaborative Poem by @MyVogonPoetry @Jdubqca @Vivchook @Permabloom @Brudberg @afcoory @troublegummer

Photo: Brassai Le Pont Neuf


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