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Syria as a causeway between the sea and the desert-(map from , 'SYRIA, LEBANON, JORDAN' - John Bagot Glubb

Syria as a causeway between the sea and the desert-(map from , ‘SYRIA, LEBANON, JORDAN‘ – ————-(John Bagot Glubb)


Book By John Bagot Glubb




Now, upon Syria’s land of roses

Softly the light of eve reposes,

And, like a glory, the broad sun

Hangs over sainted Lebanon;

Whose head in wintry grandeur towers,

And whitens with eternal sleet,

While summer, in a vale of flowers,

Is sleeping rosy at his feet.


To one who looked from upper air

O’er all the enchanted regions there,

How beauteous must have been the glow,

The life, now sparkling from below!

Fair gardens, shining streams, with ranks

Of golden melons on their banks,

More golden where the sunlight falls; –

Gay lizards, glittering on the walls

Of ruined shrines, busy and bright

As they were all alive with light;

And, yet more splendid, numerous flocks

Of pigeons, settling on the rocks,

With their rich restless wings, that gleam

Variously in the crimson beam

Of the warm west, – as if inlaid

With brilliants from the mine, or made

Of tearless rainbows, such as span

The unclouded skies of Peristan!

And then, the mingling sounds that come,

Of shepherd’s ancient reed, with hum

Of the wild bees of Palestine,

Banqueting through the flowery vales; –

And, Jordan, those sweet banks of thine,

And woods, so full of nightingales!

AUDIO – Syria

…………..- Thomas Moore (Ireland 1779-1852)

From ‘Paradise And The Perl’



  1. Lovely Anne. How are you, are you managing to keep away from all the flue bugs floating around.?. Whats the weather like with you.Its been very cold here with biting winds.However,today is sunny and warm.


  2. frandi said:

    No flu bugs yet but lots of fires burning throughout Australia. It’s been a very hot, dry summer so even lighting and machinery is setting grass and trees alight. We are ok at the moment -we live near the sea and no bush around us.


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