Jason Frandi – The Jason I Knew

email received by Anne Frandi-Coory 8 June 2012:
Jason Frandi

Jason Frandi (alleged murderer of Czech tourist)

I know that Jason lived with Arthur [his father] in Waimate and attended his funeral along with his brother or half brother as ———– (my husband) went with them.  After he died Jason purchased his father’s Smith St home in 2005.

Police search Jason Frandi’s house in Waimate NZ

Jason worked in forestry first and set the standard, he was such a hard worker that no one could come close to what he could do in a day.  After that he drove the Waimate rubbish truck and like everything for him,  that was also a piece of cake and he put everything he had into it.  He also worked for Smiths in Timaru driving a digger which was his passion, he would be miles ahead of what anyone else would do and they had trouble keeping up with him.  After that he decided to work closer to home and went to Leethwick’s driving a digger. He was offered a brand new one but Jase being Jase said he didn’t want a new one, what he had was perfectly fine and he would stay on that.  ———- knows what he did between the rubbish truck and Smiths but  I’m not sure.
When we built our house Jason came up and cut down the retaining walls, then leveled the dirt for the lawn later.  If he didn’t get it finished that day he would say, ‘don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow’.  He would sit on the digger all day and refuse to stop and eat lunch or have a break and when it broke he would calmly sort out how to fix it and sort it out without a fuss.
He carried a photo of his son ——— in his wallet; when he was up this way he would stop in but after a while would say he had to get going because the wee fella would be awake soon and he wanted to go and visit him.  Jason was so proud but as time went on he saw less and less of his son with his ex partner making excuses. But he would always say calmly with never a bad word, ‘that’s how she wants it then I can’t do anything about it. No point causing trouble and she just makes it harder for me’.  His ex said she [was] allergic to Latex, while they were together she became very moody and difficult so Jase decided to end it later finding out that she was pregnant but I think they had burned their bridges by then and she had decided to make it very hard for Jase to be part of his son’s life.  Jason saw him when he could and was always talking about new things he was looking to buy for him for birthdays and at Christmas time.  It was very sad, he just wanted to be a good dad to his son and not miss out.
He was an incredible guy with the kindest heart, respect for everyone and was so much more talented than he would ever give himself credit for.  We’re so extremely gutted we know what we [would] do now and think there are so many things we could have said and done to at least try and help him through his dark patch. I’m sure just knowing there were people that really loved and cared about him, that he could rely on to talk to about absolutely anything without feeling ashamed or embarrassed, and to help, may have stopped him from ever getting to the point he did.  We both agreed today if he was still alive now after what happened we would both still be here for him because the real Jase was just lonely, very troubled and dying for someone to help him with the issues he carried around for so long.
He should have been given help when he was in prison in 2001, he admitted then he was crying out for someone to help him and it went completely ignored.  We never asked exactly what happened and I don’t know if anyone ever did; we thought we would be prying and it was just a minor offence until they plastered it all through the newspaper, internet and television recently last month.  It was a secret until it was too late.  I’m angry about the stupid way that makes no sense, it’s too late now so people don’t need to know things with some of it being fabricated anyway.  Your life’s only private until you’re dead and it’s too late.
Something that I’ve never forgotten is how every time he was here he would put his hand on the window to leave a hand print in the kitchen or dining room and jokingly say, ‘that’s in case I ever go missing, people will know I was here’. Was that his way of asking for help?
I just want to know that he has been put to rest with the respect he still deserved and if it is somewhere public [to enable us to go] and make peace, and to know he is somewhere safe.  It looks as though someone has started or may have finished clearing his house out but apart from that I have nothing.  If you do ever find or hear from anyone can you please let me know or pass on my details so they can contact me; I would be eternally grateful. I really can’t let this go until I know, he meant too much to me to just let it slide.
Thank you very much, I’m glad I found your blog and was able to talk to you. x
A friend of Jason’s
  1. Ned said:

    Poor Jason, very unfortunately, it seems that nobody knew him as well as they thought.
    He was a human being who must have had at times a very tormented soul and blighted life and for that we can have compassion and pity, we can also grieve that part of him that was all those things that we uphold in our society as good, the hard worker, the good manners and the acts of kindness.The person we knew and a side that his son will no doubt take some comfort in.
    To cast aspersions on his ex in public seems callous.This woman has to live in the community and raise a son with a very difficult history and who knows the whole truth inside anyone else’s relationship? It also occurs to me that she was more intimate with Jason than anyone and in the light of family history perhaps she was protecting their son & even Jason, from himself? I’m not saying this is the case but I think it unjust to condemn the mother’s actions not knowing her perspective especially at this time which I am sure is very confronting. She is human too.
    It is also seems somewhat insensitive to give no acknowledgement to the people that Jason hurt, the victims, families and friends of the girl who escaped and the one that didn’t after all it seems they have paid the biggest price for people not knowing Jason as well as they thought. He has also cast a shadow over the lives of his son and those who were his friends , leaving them to deal with this mess.
    I am happy for Jason that he will no longer be in torment and no longer able to hurt anyone else and sad that none of us could see or be given the opportunity to heal that sick, dark side of his soul.

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  2. Phillipa Hynes said:

    well said Ned, only Jason and the mother of his child really know what happened in the relationship. As the saying goes “There are always two sides to a story”. I knew Jason well and I know the mother of his child. The child is being bought up in a very loving and supportive family.

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    • frandi said:

      Thank you for your comment -it’s really good to know that. Anne


  3. Rosie said:

    I can’t remember exactly what brought me to google Jason the other night but I nursed Arthur Frandi at the end of his life… Jason used to visit Arthur frequently.. And I remember them both as very polite men… Arthur was softly spoken and rarely asked for anything.. I was shocked when I saw it on the news. I’m sorry.this has happened to your family

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  4. Anne said:

    Yes, it is a very sad story…I have written a book about the history of the Frandi family. Many descendants have suffered terrible lives, but thankfully younger generations have turned things around. I hope you get to read ‘Whatever Happened To Ishtar?’ then you will understand . Take care, Anne


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