Collaborative Twitter Poem by

@JDubqca @Permabloom @MyVogonPoetry @Vivchook @Troublegummer @afcoory


Image: Pencil drawing of girl’s head for his painting ‘The Mill’ by Edward Coley Burne-Jones 1870

Remember the dreams I’ve stacked up,
my roll of meticulously assorted Life Savers?
They look back all stale and faded when I peek in
from torn wrapping; yet whole still.
There is no question we shouldn’t dream again
or find reasons for bringing us back together.
I especially remember the deep dark chocolate
and how it made the weekend whole.
I recall you saying Dark is best – because it’s bitter,
yet sweet. You said it’s like life, and dreams –
not always easy, but worth trying.
The sugar-coated confection of our love
once filled life with flavor.
Lingering sweetly on the tongue and frozen in time.
But rigid stacks of memories
the sweetness cannot yet disguise,
holes of emptiness I once ignored.
Passion infuses reality; colours imperfections.
Augments and yet deludes us.
We use our memories of our dreams for sustenance,
A gentle demolition with each taste,
So we are compelled.


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