Time Rewritten

Twitter Collaborative Poem by poets –

@jdubqca @MyVogonPoetry @Permabloom @vivchook @Troublegummer @afcoory


Image: Man Ray

Has time rewritten every line?


It had been so long since someone
mentioned the movie
I never saw. I remembered then,
I’d read the book; Powerful.
But alive, on a screen? Could I?
In the dark the words come to life.
The audience becomes part of the narrative.
As the couple begins their celluloid courtship
we all fall in love a little bit too.
Remembering our own early times –
the excitement, so giddy, and consuming,
with a future hued in rose.
Innocence and hope- owned in childhood
but lost with age, my dreamings
ripped and rearranged and projected
through other eyes.
My dreamings a mosaic foreign to me,
its tesserae still recognizable
as mine. Repudiate?
Rip all up, reassemble, reclaim?


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