To Give Birth To A Girl In Afghanistan…

Source: Associated Press:

In Afghanistan, a woman has been strangled to death, apparently by her husband, who was upset that she had given birth to a second daughter, rather than the son he wanted, police reported.

The woman’s husband, Sher Mohammad, fled the Khanabad district in Kunduz province last week, about the time a neighbor found his 22-year-old wife dead in their house, said District Police Chief Sufi Habibullah. Medical officers who examined the body, said she had been strangled. The woman, named Estorai, had warned family members that her husband had repeatedly abused her for giving birth to their first daughter, and had threatened to kill her if it happened again.  Estorai gave birth to her second daughter between two and three months ago.

Imagine if you will, the fear that must have gripped that young mother; not only did she suffer the life-threatening process of childbirth in such a backward country, but also the knowledge that giving birth to a daughter, could end her life.  And the thought that if she was killed by her husband, her daughters’ lives would also be at risk.  My heart goes out to those two little motherless girls. What future do they have in such a misogynist country?

Police took the man’s mother into custody because she appears to have collaborated in a plot to kill her daughter-in-law.  She swears that Estorai committed suicide by hanging, although Police said they found no rope and no evidence of hanging.

It was the latest in a series of grisly examples of subjugation of women which have made headlines in Afghanistan in the past few months.  We will never know how many infant girls are murdered at birth, but you can be sure it’s happening. Nothing changes, and hasn’t for thousands of years.

Really, what has ten years of war achieved for women and girls in Afghanistan? I can’t see how anything will change for the better until women have the same freedoms as men and until girls can go to school. But that could take many more decades. In the meantime, America has protected it’s access to oil, thousands of people have died, and women are still being oppressed!

These events beg the question: What will happen to the push for women’s rights in Afghanistan as the international presence there shrinks along with the military drawdown. NATO forces are scheduled to pull out by the end of 2014?

During 10 years of war, since Taliban rulers have been ousted, it’s true that some progress has been made for women’s rights in Afghanistan, with many attending school, working in offices and even sometimes marching in protests. But the abuse and repression of women is still common, particularly in rural areas where women are forbidden to set foot outside of the house without a burqa robe that covers them from head to toe.


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