Song Of Ishtar

Goddess Ishtar (Esther)


Song of Ishtar – Descent to the Goddess

Me the woman he has filled with dismay

Has filled me the queen of heaven

with consternation…

I, the woman who circles the land-

Tell me where is my house,

Tell me where is the city in which I may live…

I, who am your daughter…The heirodule,

who am your bridesmaid

Tell me where is my house…The bird has its nesting place

But I – my young are dispersed

The fish lies in calm waters,

but I – my resting place exists not,

The dog kneels at the threshold, But I – I have no threshold…

– Ancient Anon.

Eventually statues of Ishtar, mesopotamian goddess, along with other pagan goddesses, would be taken from her grottos and replaced with statues of the Virgin Mary. The ramifications for women would be nothing less than catastrophic.

See post:  Catholic Dichotomy of the Female

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