Exiles (audio)

Maria Grego cropped 2

My maternal Italian grandmother Maria Cajetan Grego Frandi


In Memory of all those mothers, children, and grandmothers who followed their men to the other side of their world. To lands not always welcoming…nothing changes



Exiled from home. The far sea rolls

between them and the country of their birth;

the childhood-turning impulse of their souls

EVA Exiles

My paternal grandmother, Eva Arida Fahkrey (Coory) 15yrs old & married, Bcharre, Lebanon

pulls half across the earth. Exiled from home.

No mother to take care that they work too hard,

grieve not too sore;

no older brother nor small sister fair

no father any more.

Exiled from home; from all familiar things;

the low browed roof, the grass surrounded door;

accustomed labours that gave daylight wings;

loved steps on the worn floor.

Exiled from home. Young girls sent forth alone

when most their hearts need close companioning;

no love and hardly friendship may they own,

no voice of welcoming.

Blended with homesick tears the exile stands;

to toil for alien household gods she comes;

a servant and a stranger in our lands,

homeless within our homes.


– Charlotte Perkins Gilman. (1914)

AUDIO: Exiles 


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  1. OMG that is Jordan – tell me that is not Jordan Revill’s face


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