It’s Enough To Make Me Give Up Eating Meat!

After writing about the horrific slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesian Abattoir, I decided to check out conditions in Australian abattoir.  I located a headline which read:

“Animal slaughter: Not just horrific in Indonesia”.

It really made me think so I read through several items about abattoir in western countries, and it is clear that we humans consume far too much meat.  Our insatiable demand for meat is growing every year.  Millions of animals are slaughtered around the world for human consumption and we have to push these  through  the killing process faster and with less thought for the unfortunate animals. Money is the end game. There is no question now in my mind, that the way animals are killed in abattoir, is not ‘humane’. How can it be, when these intelligent animals are slaughtered with fear in their eyes, in an atmosphere pervaded by the smell of blood and death. Humane and slaughter simply cannot be used in tandem, but that is what most of us do when justifying our eating of so much meat. The sheer numbers of animals slaughtered means that we can’t spend the time or the money, making the process less disgusting and distressing for the animals.

Many men who have previously worked in abattoir will tell you that although vets are consulted, and cruelty such as was shown taking place in Indonesia is banned, animals are aware what is about to happen to them.  That is not to say that  animals killed in Australian abattoir are not treated with mindless cruelty, as personal statements  below will testify. I am sure that if most of us had to stand in an abattoir and watch as the meat we intended to go home and cook  was killed before our eyes, we would become vegans overnight.

Bobby calves are taken from their mothers and killed immediately or spend their lives cooped up in small pens and fed a diet that will keep their meat pale and it is then served up in restaurants as veal for the wealthy.  I have always refused to eat veal for this reason.  However, I was completely unaware of the disgusting and heartless way chickens are treated on killing conveyor belts.  More on this in link below.



Bobby calves headed for slaughter. Photo: Animals Australia


Pigs are known to be very intelligent animals yet they are killed in abattoir and suffer the same agonies as the rest.  Meat workers say that animals scream and squeal in Australian abattoir just like the animals in Indonesian abattoir because they are terrified and aware of what is about to happen to them.  One former meat worker said that the animals let out “haunting screams”  which are difficult to forget.  Although animals differ from humans in many ways, they share our desire to live and will fight for their survival.

Jane Goodall, the scientist who has worked for years with chimpanzee, was asked recently what she thought of the footage showing what went on in Indonesian abattoir.  Ms Goodall said that in the seventies, after visiting an abattoir, she later looked at the piece of meat on her plate in front of her and said to herself that it represented pain and torture for the animal, and she never ate meat again. When we actually stop and think about the meat we eat, it is quite obvious that we are contributing to the huge demand for the slaughtering of animals – we are after all eating the flesh of slaughtered animals.

Nick Pendergrast is PhD candidate in Sociology at Curtin University in Western Australia. His research focuses on the animal advocacy movement, primarily in Australia and the US.  He says:   “In 2011 when we have no need to consume the products of slaughter, I think we can go beyond only questioning whether or not the treatment of animals in Indonesian slaughterhouses is acceptable and also ask whether it is acceptable to be contributing to the slaughtering of animals at all”.

A side effect of all this slaughtering of animals is the damage it is doing to our planet because of all the feed and water that is required to rear so many millions of animals simply to slaughter them for food.  This in turn is reducing the habitat of other species of animals and bird life.  I for one believe in Karma.


Having learned so much about the slaughter of animals in abattoir, I understand why Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to kill his own meat.


A must to read

Indonesia Abattoir Takes Us Back Two Centuries


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