Toffee Apples & Togas by Rita Roberts – A Book Review


Updated 8 October 2017


Toffee Apples and Togas

by Rita Roberts – A Book Review

Toffee Apples And Togas


This is only a small book, partly auto-biographical, packed full of so much living, loves, friendships, all bound together with tales of antiquity and ancient re-enactments.


Roman Legion by Rita Roberts

An Example of Ancient Rome re-enactments

Rita Roberts concludes this wonderful work with a selection of her favourite Roman and Medieval recipes. In conjunction, she gives an insight into Roman kitchens, cooking practices, and utensils. This book is worth buying for the recipes alone and for the insight into Roman cooking and the utensils they used.

Toffee Apples And Togas 2


An excerpt from Toffee Apples and Togas:

About The Roman Gourmet

…Gaius Apicius lived during the rule of Emperor Tiberius in the 1st century AD. The cookery books which he wrote were published some three hundred years later and are the main source of our knowledge of Roman food.

Apicius was able to buy a large selection of herbs and spices from Roman and Greek traders who travelled to the spice markets of Southern Asia. These were then offered for sale in the markets of Rome. Some of the sauces made by Apicius were flavoured with up to twelve different herbs and spices. Many spices such as pepper, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves came from India, Sri Lanka, and China.

The highly flavoured sauces made by Apicius were often used to mask food which may have become stale or rancid because of over-storing. The most commonly used seasoning was called liquamen. Apicius became a very wealthy man, but it is believed he committed suicide by poisoning himself. As a result of his buying so many expensive foods from every part of the known world, he realised that he had only about ten million (10,000,000) sesterces left and he did not consider this enough to maintain his high standard of living…

Ms Roberts is a retired archaeologist (a specialist in identifying ancient pottery), antique dealer, teacher, maker, seller of Roman sauces, and a bit player in the  television series  The Island, the tragic story of inhabitants of the small island of Spinalonga which is a short, pleasant boat trip from the author’s home on Crete. As if that wasn’t enough, she also translates Linear B (Mycenae and Knossos) tablets.

See examples of Rita’s  translations of Linear B tablets here:   Linear B, Mycenae and Knossos



Rita Roberts 2.jpg

Rita Roberts

Rita Roberts was born in Birmingham in the UK, and now shares her home on the beautiful Greek island of Crete with her partner, John. She has always followed her dreams and age has never been a barrier.  I think her mantra is  ‘it’s never too late to learn or to follow your dreams’… she is an inspiration.

-Anne Frandi-Coory  17 April 2016


Ms Roberts has since written a wonderful children’s book: 

The Minstrel John & The Squirrels

Visit her blog for more information on this delightful story.



Toffee Apples And Togas is available from AMAZON Books Worldwide: 


Catch up on Rita’s latest archaeological finds, adventures and more wonderful recipes here:  RITA ROBERTS’ BLOG

  1. simon john said:

    I am gonna obtain a copy of ‘Toffee Apples & Togas’ from @cumtudu herself I hope! @afcoory sent me her book from Australia; “Whatever Happened to Ishtar?”


  2. frandi said:

    Hi Simon John. Rita Roberts, Crete, confirmed she will be posting a copy of ‘Toffee Apples & Togas to you in Wales. A great little book about a remarkable lady who lives life to the full!


  3. Simon Pid John @Facebook said:

    Hiya! Yeah, this one looks Great as well. Thanxx to both of you! Have a great…Summer in Oz?!? You spend Xmas in HEAT???? Cheers Rita Marvellous news!


    • Hello Simon John. So sorry I have not sent you a reply,only just noticed your comment on Anne’s blog. Have you read my book yet,if so what are your thoughts? Cheers from Rita.


  4. Anne said:

    Rita is a remarkable woman, I agree!


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