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Khalil Gibran – Proselytising?


Updated October 2015

Why is the current LNP government hell bent on forcing religious instruction on children in our secular state schools? And will it stop with Christianity? We have three major religions in Australia, all of them extremely wealthy. Will we soon be sending our children to state schools where Islam, Christianity and Judaism form part of the religious instruction curriculum?

Last week Muslim children walked out of a state school assembly because they said the other children singing the National Anthem was offensive! A group of children singing a beautiful song about tolerance is offensive? Muslim children attend secular state schools free of charge, like other Australian children, and yet they insult us by walking out of assembly! What I would like to know is: Where is this going end? 


Christopher Hitchens writes in GOD IS NOT GREAT; How Religion Poisons Everything:

When we consider that religion has “done more harm than good” – not that this would say anything at all about its truth or authenticity-we are faced with an imponderably large question. How can we ever know how many children had their psychological and physical lives irreparably maimed by the compulsory inculcation of faith. This is almost as hard to determine as the number of spiritual and religious dreams and visions that come “true”, which in order to possess even a minimal claim to value would have to be measured against all the unrecorded and unremembered ones that did not. But we can be sure that religion has always hoped to practice upon the unformed and undefended minds of the young, and has gone to great lengths to make sure of this privilege by making alliances with secular powers in the material world. [my emphasis].

Sexual innocence, which can be charming in the young if it is not needlessly protracted [as in Islam and Christianity] is positively corrosive and repulsive in the mature adult. Again how shall we reckon the harm done by dirty old men and hysterical spinsters, appointed as clerical guardians to supervise the innocent in orphanages and schools? The Roman Catholic Church in particular is having to answer this question in the most painful of ways [to them], by calculating the monetary value in terms of compensation. Billions of dollars have already been awarded but there is no price to be put on the generations of boys and girls who were introduced to sex in the most alarming and disgusting ways by those whom they and their parents trusted. – Christopher Hitchens


The Judeo-Christian concept of ‘Original Sin’ allows and often has stated that: “children are imps of Satan” or “limbs of Satan”.  Is that why religious zealots spend so much time and energy indoctrinating children with their man-made ideologies, and why clergy have been able to rape and abuse children unabated for centuries? There is no doubt now that all three major religions are guilty of these heinous crimes, which I might add, are still prevalent throughout the world. 

Fred Nile has been given the job, by Abbott LNP govt, of making sure ACCESS MINISTRIES has access to Every state school, to eliminate the study of Ethics and replace it with Religious Education! It is my belief that ‘religious education’ is an oxymoron; stuffing young children’s minds with outdated hocus pocus, is not educating them, it is confusing them! 

If this isn’t proselytising……

“In Australia we have a God-given open door to children and young people with the Gospel, our federal and state governments allow us to take the Christian faith into our schools and share it. We need to go and make disciples.  I believe that this is the greatest mission field we have in Australia: our children and our students. Our greatest field for disciple making”.

“Two sisters in their early 20s spoke of the impact of CRE on their lives. They came from an unchurched family, but at CRE, Christian religious education, they heard of God’s existence and his love for them. They love the stories and they pester their parents to take them to church! The parents really didn’t want to do this, but eventually they gave in. The children came to faith, and later so did their parents.” 

“My view is that we have every opportunity to create new congregations through our schools ministries, as we do this we have the responsibility to fulfil the great commission of making disciples. What really matters is seizing the God-given opportunity we have to reach kids in schools. Without Jesus, our students are lost”.

The above words were expounded by a member of Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion, at their 2008 conference.  It is irrelevant who that member was, to the issue at hand, and that is, why is the Australian secular government even allowing these people into our schools?     We have no idea what these ministers are filling young children’s minds with.  I am sure if there is a God, he or she loves children whether or not their families go to church.  I remember so well the terror of hell, Satan and whatever else we were threatened with during religious instruction.  Using fear and eternal punishment as inducements to ‘morality’ is psychologically damaging as we now know. I thought those days had long gone and so did many other parents.  Each family is free to follow their own particular culture and religion at home.  Isn’t that what Australia is all about, freedom, and not having someone else’s personal beliefs thrown at you in a public school setting?

EFAC’s  Mantra is:  ‘Growing gospel Ministry Amongst Anglicans In Australia’.  My question is: How can they possibly do anything else but proselytise?


God is not great 2



I urge all parents pondering the harm ‘religious education’ may inflict upon their children to please read GOD IS NOT GREAT; How Religion Poisons Everything  by Christopher Hitchens. I have lived through and written about many of the issues he writes about, but he is a scholar and has studied for years the source documents and religious texts of the three intertwining religions; Judeo-Christian and Islam which itself takes many of its practices and tenets from the former.  Both the Bible and the Qu’ran have violent, misogynist and sacrificial elements that derive from the same sources.


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