Naples Deserves Better

The rubbish builds in Naples

Years of corruption in the mafia-controlled refuse dumps, political inefficiency and a lack of modern incinerators, together with a growing population and low levels of recycling have left Naples blighted by piles of rubbish.  Such a beautiful city, one of my favourites in Italy.  If only all the rubbish, along with  corrupt politicians, could be swept up with huge front end loaders and dumped into a bottomless canyon somewhere!

Politicians, including Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, have repeatedly promised to tackle the problem but have never delivered.  Berlusconi  was too busy having Bunga Bunga parties with escort girls!  And now he is too busy fighting accusations of corruption in law courts.

Now that Naples is one of the key cities up for grabs when Italians begin to vote on Sunday and Monday, Berlusconi is keen to tackle the problem.  The army has been brought in to rid the city of its rubbish.  We shall see.

See:  Shame on you Mr Berlusconi

&       Dark Heart of Italy


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