Sarcozy & Asterix, Indomitable Gauls

So President Sarcozy is descended from the Gauls!  Ever since Nicolas Sarcozy (born Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárkozy de Nagy-Bocsa to a French mother and Hungarian father) came on the world scene as France’s President, I knew he was a Gaul.  He has great energy and vitality,  his favourite issue being French National Identity.  My family and I are great fans of Asterix comics (R. Goscinny &  A. Uderzo) and love the portrayal of the Roman Legions and the peoples they colonised into their great empire.  The pesky Gauls, however, with their diminutive stature and love of a good fight, often  managed to out fox and out fight the Romans.  This is close to the historical truth.  I kept saying to my partner whenever Sarcozy appeared in a news item, “I’m positive Sarcozy is descended from a King of the  Gauls, he just has that look about him (well at least the way Gauls are depicted in Asterix comics)”.  Tribal Gauls originated above the  northern borders of what is now France and Germany, and spread their Celtic culture throughout Europe and  Britain.  Roman legions were often routed by tribes of “indomitable” Gauls who were very proud and refused to be conquered by the Romans.

Asterix on the look out for hapless Roman legionaires (R. Goscinny & A. Uderzo).

At least imagine Asterix without the yellow moustache and hair: aren’t the features similar to Sarcozy’s?    Sarcozy is very short, look at him lined up   with other world leaders in photo shoots, and he too loves a good fight.

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Nicolas Sarcozy by Freaking News


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