Separatist Muslim Women in Melbourne

Some Muslim women come to Australia for a better way of life.  Yet these same women insist on separate facilities at local public swimming pools which cost the tax payer thousands of dollars. They want screens and curtains to hide them from other Australians at women-only sessions.  This trend is growing in Australia, with more and more Muslim women insisting on this type of self-imposed segregation in other states.  Why do State and Federal governments ignore what has happened historically in other countries.

History teaches us that ethnic groups who choose to flaunt their cultural differences and insist on ‘special treatment’, cause resentment and hatred in the community they live in.  I don’t see any problem in different ethnic groups keeping their cultural heritage alive in their private residences and meeting places, but it is a completely different story in public places shared by all Australians.  I believe that the Australian government will find this trend escalating, and when times get tough, the resentments will intensify toward those immigrants who display a rejection of the Aussies’ liberal lifestyle. See Post Burqa or Crash Helmet

Taxpayers already help fund separatist Muslim schools and mosques.  We have a Judea/Christian heritage on which New Zealand and Australian culture has been established over hundreds of years and to my knowledge, there have been no factional wars here, religious or otherwise .  But this could change for future generations.  You only have to read  books about global history to see that resentment builds up over generations and when jobs become hard to get and food is in short supply, those resentments surface.  We have seen this happening on news items from all over the world; Iraq, Russia, the former Yugoslavia, and now other Arab countries.  The blood shed will only get worse in those places because the mostly religious factions have  segregated themselves rather than to live as one Nation.  Lebanon is a good example of this. See Post Lebanon=Factions

Swim wear OK for nuns

Melbourne News Items:

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has banned people exposing their shoulders and thighs at an event at a public swimming pool in Dandenong, in Melbourne’s south-east.  The Dandenong City Council and the YMCA applied for the ban to be implemented during swimming lessons for Muslim women scheduled for next August. It will apply to both Muslims and non-Muslims attending the event. The vice-president of the Victorian Islamic Council, Sherene Hassan, says she does not support the restrictions.

Quote: Aussie burqini  sparks religious storm in France

The Islamic beachwear known as the burqini – the head-to-toe swimsuit designed by a Lebanese Australian [Muslim? my emphasis & question] and seen commonly in swimming pools and beaches in Sydney and Melbourne – has caused a stir in Europe and has been banned in French pools.

Australia should take on the example of France: France sparked acrid debate in 2004 when it introduced legislation banning the hijab headscarf and all other religious dress from state primary and secondary schools. However, the public has strongly backed the move and it was not strongly opposed by France’s 5 -million strong Muslim population. They obviously read their history books!

Saif Reports: A Paris swimming pool has refused entry to a young Muslim woman wearing a burqini, a swimsuit that covers most of the body.
The pool ban came as French lawmakers conduct hearings on whether to ban the burqa after President Nicolas Sarkozy said the head-to-toe veil was “not welcome” in secular France. Officials in the Paris suburb of Emerainville said they let the woman swim in the pool in July wearing the burqini, designed for Muslim women who want to swim without revealing their bodies. But when she returned in August they decided to apply hygiene rules and told her she could not swim if she insisted on wearing the garment, which resembles a wetsuit with built-in hood. Pool staff “reminded her of the rules that apply in all (public) swimming pools which forbid swimming while clothed”, said Daniel Guillaume, an official with the organisation that manages pools in the area.

Le Parisien newspaper said the woman, identified only by her first name Carole, was a French convert to Islam and that she was determined to go to the courts to challenge the decision. “Quite simply, this is segregation,” the paper quoted her as saying. “I will fight to try to change things. And if I see that the battle is lost, I cannot rule out leaving France.”  Local mayor Alain Kelyor said “all this has nothing to do with Islam”, adding that the burqini was “not an Islamic swimsuit, that type of suit does not exist in the Koran”, the Muslim holy book. France, home to Europe’s biggest Muslim minority, has set up a special panel of 32 lawmakers to consider whether a law should be enacted to bar Muslim women from wearing the full veil, known as a burqa or niqab. The country has had a long-running debate on how far it is willing to go to accommodate Islam without undermining the tradition of separating church and state, enshrined in a flagship 1905 law. My emphasis.


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