Werribee River in Flood

Australia is experiencing the worst floods in living memory.  Queensland is suffering terribly with whole townships wiped out, homes and  loved ones washed away.

Slowly but surely, the muddy flood water is making its way down through NSW and Victoria.   Regional Victoria is bracing itself for the worst: not just residential towns, but the farming community as well.   We are not sure how badly Melbourne and its outskirts will be affected.   So many megalitres of water and stinking mud are making their way towards us, through the river systems. Australia is so flat, there is nothing to block the relentless surge. The next few days will be crucial.

The years 2010 & 2011 will surely go down in Australian history for the multiple disasters:  drought, plagues of locusts, floods, and  bush fires. We can’t help wondering where it will end. Crops have been destroyed from the top end to the bottom:  wheat, rice, sugar cane, vegetables, tomatoes, fruit, grapes, the list goes on. Livestock have disappeared  and we will never know how much of Australia’s flora and fauna have been wiped out.  Farmers say it will be at least two years before they can recover.  Just shifting the heavy, sticky mud left behind in homes, businesses and on land,  is a mammoth task.  Only if you have experienced Australia’s cloying, staining mud/clay, will you truly understand my descriptions.

Photos of the disasters have gone out around the globe.  Below I have posted some photos of the Werribee River (which meanders close to where we live)  in flood which is expected to worsen in the next few days.

Werribee weir - usually nothing more than a trickle here


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