More Women May Have Been Infected With Hep C



Imagine having to wait for results of tests to find out  whether or not you have contracted Hep C at the hands of this monster James Latham Peters,  who really has no right to call himself a doctor.  Mary (not her real name) has three children and her life could be at risk.  How many other women in Melbourne are are having to go through this hell?  I think Mary is very brave to come forward.  The fact that  she was  having a procedure done for contraception and not for an abortion, may indicate that Mr Peters’  hatred for women runs much deeper than deranged support for the anti-abortion lobby.  There is obviously much more to come out about the background of this man.  And it will be interesting to find out why the Medical Board ever allowed Mr Peters to continue practicing as a doctor and why the clinics  employed this drug addict, prescription forger and possessor of child pornography (see post 27th October 2010).

Top News Brief:

A mother living in Melbourne has spoken of her fright because she thinks that even she is now a victim of hepatitis C epidemic related to anaesthetist, James Latham Peters.

As health authorities received almost 700 calls at the weekend from concerned people about their contact with Dr Peters, Mary said that she decided to get herself tested for a hepatitis C outbreak connected to Dr. Peters’ Clinic, where he purportedly infected twelve patients with a strain of the blood borne illness.

The mother of three children informed The Age that she went to Croydon Day Surgery in the month of August to have contraceptive equipment fitted.

Though Dr. Peters did not have any involvement in her case, yet she is afraid that while undergoing her treatment, non-sterilized devices may have been used.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. John Carnie, said that the Health Department had been trying to get in contact with those people who had been there in Dr. Peters’ clinic for their treatment.

A spokesperson for the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria said that Dr Peters had been suspended on 15 February, three days after the panel was informed about the accusations.


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