Our Pet Spider Has Died

Our pet Marble Orb Weaver in the prime of her life

I am sad to report that our pet spider and mother of up to one thousand babies, has died; withered away really  (see post when we first met this marble orb weaver).  Last weekend I noticed she had three legs on one side missing, possibly eaten by another spider while she was in her weakening state? Or did they drop off?  Anyway,   I have checked on her several times a day, but today I knew the end was near.  She began to lose all her colour  and then began to shrivel up.  I assume a day is a long time in a spider’s life. She has made her home in our rosemary bush since January of this year, and ultimately showed no fear of us; at first she would scurry away, but then she got used to us and just hung upside down  in the middle of her fantastic web waiting for a honey bee to get trapped in it.  (see earlier post about this amazing spider)  Her eggs are still in their cocoon, I am not sure when they will emerge.  We have been privileged to watch this amazing spectacle of nature for so many months.  I guess she has lived a much longer life than her mate whom she  most likely had eaten  straight after mating.   I used to be terrified of spiders, but not any more.

Marble orb weaver egg cocoon (40mm) as light as a feather, alongside corpse of mother spider

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  1. Lesa said:

    I’m so sorry about your spider. My pet house spider passed away, and it’s a sad thing. RIP pretty spiders. You are missed.


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