Two Little Boys & A Spider

Gabe & Jude waiting for a bee to fly into our resident marble orb weaver’s web

Marble Orb Weaver

This weekend Gabe and Jude came to stay.  We always have so much fun when they are here!  Most of the time, with just Paul and I at home, our house is as neat as a pin.  But when the boys come to stay, chaos and mess prevail.  And, we would not have it any other way. On Saturday, the boys and I joined Tony & Erin  at the Melbourne garden show while Paul spent the day at the Formula One Grand Prix.  Sunday was a day solely devoted to the boys; multiple trips to the bike path and playground across the road from our home, and tasty morsels from my kitchen.  Cleo the cat hides somewhere in the garden; she is not used to the rough and tumble of little people and I suspect a modicum of jealously lurks  in her behaviour!

Updates on our pet spider:

Marble Orb Weaver

Our Pet Spider Has Died



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