From Melbourne to Morocco & Belly Dancers

Everything available for a tasty meal

pigment dyes by the sack full

Dining & Belly Dancing in Morocco

We often go to the South Melbourne market on  Saturday morning.  First though we have breakfast at one of the cafés nearby.  As we move around the Melbourne market stalls I often think of the markets we visited in Morocco in 2007.  The fruit and vegetables in Morocco were just as colourful and enticing. But I especially liked the bright coloured fabrics on display, along with beautifully made up garments. Unfortunately we couldn’t buy the garments as they were  orders made for clients.

As a painter, the sacks full of pigment dyes impressed me with the brilliant intensity of their colours. Donkeys braying while delivering goods in their carts to the stalls, added to the din, and the lack of space.

In such an ancient market place, bright plastic bagged, disposable nappies pegged on string lines and hanging above some stalls, struck a strident, incongruous note.

Dining out in the café nearby  had a sumptuous and colourful  ambiance too, with fabulous food and belly dancers.  I had not seen such a slim belly dancer before, which to my mind, made this particular model seem a little too modern.

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  1. I know what you mean about modern Belly dancers Anne. We have them here and they are good but not so good as the professional Belly dancers.

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